AirAsia opens direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai & vice versa

Days ago,Regional Head of  Commercial for AirAsia Group,Kathleen Tan implied in her Weibo saying ‘Hello Shanghai,I’m coming’ and in today’s official Weibo of AirAsia,it confirms the new route as well as the discounted price structure.

The promotion sales will start from midnight today and the lowest return tickets are only RMB951/RM467/USD153 per pax including all taxes and other charges for travelling from 19 February 2013 to 30 September 2013.

AirAsia X,the long-haul service under AirAsia Group,has flied to 12 cities in China.According to the latest talk from Tony Fernandes,the founder and group CEO of AirAsia,he will keep focusing on ASEAN coutries as they have great foundation of population as well as great potentials.China is one of the most active counties in this region and tons of opportunities are over there.Thus,AirAsia X will be looking for more destinations in China in the near future,benefiting from the boosts of the economy.

Honestly,I’ve waited for the day coming for years.Because my hometown is in Shanghai and so I have to be back there several times every year.Previously,in order to cut the cost,I always took AirAsia X flights to Hangzhou and then transit to Shanghai by other vehicles.It had to spend twice of the time and it’s really exhausting.Well,that day ends now.

Thank you AirAsia!

My wedding time’s scheduled

After the discussion with my parents and future parents-in-law,my fiancée and I chose February 18th,the fifth day after Chinese New Year,holding our wedding event in Shanghai,China.We need to book the air tickets as soon as possible because that is a hot period for travelling.The fares have been increased compared to the normal days.

By AirAsia(KL to Hangzhou):

AirAsia faresAll fares listed are recorded on November 3rd,2009 and subject to change from time to time,exclusive with luggage charges and meals on board.

*The date that my fiancée and I flying to Hangzhou

#The date that most friends of my fiancée flying to Hangzhou

@The date that some friends and relatives of my fiancée flying to Hangzhou

*#@The date that we all come back to KL

By Malaysia Airline(KL to Shanghai):

If you could afford a higher price in order to get some convenience and perhaps better services,Malaysia Airline will be the nice choice.The return ticket is pricing RM1700-RM1800 inclusive with all charges recorded on November 3rd,2009.

Guys,please inform me your schedule of your flights before November 15th,2009 so that I could have enough time to let travel agent give some offer to me.Thanks.

Though there are still 107 days to go,I think I’d better to make all things on the track first because I don’t want to regret anybody in the wedding event.

Wish all the best!

AirAsia flys to [email protected]

You are not getting a wrong amount.Yeah,the most recent promotion from AirAsia is flying to Hangzhou from Kuala Lumpur @ only RM99/way.

AirAsia Hangzhou Promotion

For my experience,if we calculated all other charges together with the fair price,that will be around RM400.Still it is an very attractive figure,right?

If your destination is Shanghai,you can take a airport shuttle bus at Hangzhou international airport which is directly provided by AirAsia spending 2 hours to reach there with the cost of CNY100/way.Of course,you can take other airport shuttle buses too.

Have a nice trip! 🙂

AirAsia flys to Guangzhou

Finally it’s coming.Today AirAsia is promoting its new route from Kuala Lumpur to Guangzhou,China which had been in its lists for half a year.The fare is quite cheap as being from RM88.88.If you wanna enjoy a spring festival in China to feel the atmosphere of that traditional holiday,you’d better to move your mouse to book the tickets now.


At the same time I think other cities like Hangzhou will be introduced soon(maybe running since next March).If that is true,I will have a try on the new plane.

AirAsia,now everyone can fly!  😀

Guangzhou and Hangzhou

I have talked about AirAsia X long-haul service for many times and the latest changes in AirAsia’s website imply that the routes from KL to Guangzhou and Hangzhou are close to us now.


I guess it will be launched by the end of this year to occupy the last peak season of the year.But I know the only problem is from aeroplane-as fast growth of markets of AirAsia,not enough planes are prepared to be used on new routes so that AirAsia may try to restructure some exiting routes to gain some unwanted capacities and move it into new routes OR lease some new planes from Airbus.

So again,we still wait and see…