Prices released for UniFi


Well,the prices are finally here.We can see that the packages are all bundled with IPTV,VOIP and Data(broadband) services and there’s a volume cap for data usage.If later I subscribe UniFi,I have to choose the most expensive one as it is given 120GB download volume which may just fit my use.So I don’t know which plan will be the best for those heavy users who always visit YouTube for HD video clips or other online stream.

Frankly speaking,I have to say that TM is failing to make a better service again.

No reasonable prices for HSBB

I think TM will adjust the prices for Streamyx and set lower prices for HSBB-now named as UniFi.The fact is I was wrong.

According to the latest information getting from MalaysianWireless,UniFi has the packages of 5,10 and 20Mbps.They are expected to have similar download and upload speeds.The price charts for the packages are not yet disclosed,however,some source claimed that that could be RM149,RM199 and RM249 respectively.

I believe most of Malaysians will say that the prices are too high.I totally agree it.So now I just pray that the prices are for the tri-play packages,not for broadband only.We could get the exact information tomorrow as TM will officially inform the public about the charges for the services.

I hope that will not be another service which is going to kill my wallet.

Another submarine cable launched

Google always makes some crazy investments and years ago,it went into a project called UNITY of constructing a submarine cable connecting US and Asia with multi-terabits capacity.Google started the work with other 5 regional telecoms:Bharti Airtel, Global Transit, KDDI, Pacnet, and SingTel.By the way,Global Transit is a subsidiary company under Khazanah Nasional Bhd(Malaysian National investment company).Thus,I believe the new bandwidth will also be apportioned to TM,the major telecom in Malaysia which has the widest coverage of broadband services.I guess the new international bandwidth may contribute to the latest HSBB service that will be launched in 3 days.

By this investment,Google awards 20% of the total bandwidth of the cable.It has a big win in this project as the new cable smoothens the connections of loading all contents,such as YouTube,Google search,Google Maps and so on,amongst Asian countries.

Now Facebook is so popular all over the world.I wonder when Facebook could invest in such a project too because currently loading some games and uploading some pictures during the peak hours in Facebook is really a nightmare.I’m waiting.

Another 7 days to go

It’s about HSBB again.TM has put a big count-down banner at its official website.It seems to say that the evolution is just at the corner.Well,I hope it will be true.

TM looks like setting up a live page to show that great time.

However,I’m hardly doubting whether HSBB will be really dramatic as we all assumed.I face some slow-down issues of my current Streamyx service.I sent the complaint to the customer service department and they gave me a reply saying that the issue I have to face is because of the highly congested network in my area.I was also informed that they could not promise when it could be solved.

Oops,they even can’t manage the existing ADSL systems,how could they have the strong ability to deal with higher speed fibre optics system?I have no idea. 

TM Said HSBB will come out on March 24

Several days ago,TM held a press conference and over there it claimed that High Speed Broandband(HSBB) will release to the public on March 24 at Dataran Merdeka.Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Najib Tun Razak will join in the event and officially launch the National Broadband initiative,which HSBB is the flagship project.    -Sourced by Bernama

I think that will be impressive as the new HSBB will run at least 3 times faster than the current fastest plan to the consumers.TM also promised that this time the plans will not be as expensive as the existing plans.

I know that some people living in Subang Jaya,Shah Alam,Taman Tun and TTDI have already been selected as beta users to try out the service and based on some leaking news,the result is quite good.

The known information shows that the plans will include some value added services,such as IPTV.Well,I’m very interested in the new service.I hope the service could reach my living area as soon as possible.Meanwhile,I welcome the HSBB users to leave some feedback here. 🙂