Unifi introduces new 30Mbps/50Mbps home fiber services with some add-ons

Malaysians always complain for slow broadband services,expensive bills. TM,as the ‘monopoly player’ in the country,finally introduces two new home fibre services,named as Unifi Advance Plan,to the public.

These new plans,however,unlike the existing VIP plans,provide asymmetrical speeds. For new Unifi 30Mbps priced starting from RM179 as promotion price,it’s 30Mbps for downlink,5Mbps for uplink;for 50Mbps plan priced starting from RM229 as promotion price,it’s 50Mbps for downlink & 10Mbps for uplink.

All new plans are bundled with HyppTV packs and the total price will be varied due to different HyppTV pack you choose.The details for new Unifi 30Mbps are as below:

New Unifi 30Mbps

You can enjoy free services such as HyppTV Everywhere on 2 devices,installation & Activation,DECT phone,500MB/day for TM WiFi,HyppTV set-top-box and Residential Gateway. The charge for voice call will be flat rate 20 sen/minute nationwide.

If you wanna enjoy faster speed(50Mbps download) or more premium channels or others,you could subscribe add-ons. Continue reading Unifi introduces new 30Mbps/50Mbps home fiber services with some add-ons

TM Promotions

TM recently announced several promotions for the coming months.

Super Speed Me

Offering to upgrade to a higher speed plan and in the free 3 months after upgrading,just paying the currently monthly charge and the new one will only be charged from the 4th month.

If you already are a TM reward member,you also could get 1,000 TM reward points upon upgrading;if you are not yet,you also could register yourself for membership within the promotion period and get 1,000 TM reward points too.

Offer valid until 30th June 2012 while Terms & Conditions apply.

HyppTV Platinum Pack 

Yes,it’s not wrong.Only RM30 for 30 premium channels.You could subscribe the pack through myUniFi Portal,HyppTV IPTV remote control,call TM Unifi Center 1800821222,visit the nearest selected TM point or TM authorized resellers.

Terms and conditions apply.


7 new premium channels for TM HyppTV

At the beginning of this month,TM hosted a party to celebrate 1st anniversary of TM Unifi service.In that event,TM announced more premium channels and other add-ons will be introduced in steps and 7 new premium channels,5 new VOD categories and 2 new interactive applications will be available for TM HyppTV soon.

New premium channels:

  • Al Jazeera
  • tvN HD
  • Nat Geo Adventure HD
  • Nat Geo Music
  • Syfy HD
  • SS Music
  • EMAS

New VOD categories:

  • Malaysian Package
  • Knowledge – Nature Package
  • Kids – Dino
  • Kids – Animasi
  • Kids – Galaxy

New interactive applications:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook

The new premium channels are priced from RM3 to RM9 monthly each.New VOD categories are priced from RM8 per package monthly and free of charge for the interactive applications.

I think TM really wants to beat Astro,but up to date,they are still not able to do it because they don’t have good enough resources.Hurry up,TM!

Hypp.TV official preview

I had used Hypp.TV for more than one month and I have to say that it’s better than what I expected,especially the quick response from the management regarding to every issue I met.Now Hypp.TV shows up an official preview to introduce the features and I believe after watching the short video clip,you will be more interested in it.

Look!It’s the first online TV service in Malaysia and it offers at a very cheap price as RM9.90 monthly for 30+ channels.Currently it also gives some free trials to let the potential customers feel it first.I don’t think you wanna lose this great chance,do you?

Visit the official website to sign it up and join the group in Facebook.You will like it.

Walking at PIKOM PC fair 2009(1)

I went there yesterday.Because yesterday was Friday and still a working day,there was not crowded at all.In fact,after walking around for an hour,I found this PIKOM PC fair was not so great as previous ones.Well,it’s the effect of economical recession perhaps.

The most hot hall was promoting broadband service.As I mentioned in the last post that P1 Wimax just launched their tiny portable device-WIGGY yesterday,they did the promotional event magnificently and pushed other ISPs joining the battle.I felt that I was really in a forest.Actually those promoters insect in every corner and I hope you could escape from their hunting. 😀

Celcom promoters TM promoters

I met Mr. Yap in that hall who is the general manager of SyQic Capital,which works out Hypp.TV together with TM.He told me that he is doing his best to improve the quality of contents and is arranging to increase the numbers of channels from 30 to 50 by the end of this year.I appreciate to get his mid-long term plan and I think Hypp.TV could be an alternative option to Astro too if keeping on the track.


Mr. Yap also told me that the current monthly fee is RM9.90 without contract.People can try the service first for one month and then decide to renew it or reject it.More flexible packages will be on the market soon and at that time,Hypp.TV will be more productive and attractive.I’m willing to see the development. 🙂