White iPhone 4 finally landed at DiGi

DiGi is the first mobile service provider to open registering of interesting of white iPhone 4.However,it’s not the first to sell it.In fact,Maxis and Celcom have sold white iPhone4 for more than one month.Well,finally DiGi has got white iPhone 4 in the stock room and officially sell it from this Saturday at Center Court in Suria KLCC.

All plans are the same as the black version of iPhone 4 eventually.Customers can opt to buy it with cash or credit card for the phone(RRP-discount) and make monthly charges OR buy with credit card installments for 24 months/36 months(selected banks only).You could check for the details of payment methods here.

Is that worth buying it now?I think it’s up to you.From the latest WWDC,we can’t imagine too many changes from the next iPhone,at best,a faster processor,better display quality,nicer camera performance and minor other performance enhancements maybe.So if you wanna chase for the advanced one,you’d better to wait for some months,probably until the end of this fall;otherwise,buying it now should not bring you too much regret.

Girls,most of you prefer this white iPhone 4,right?Remember,you could get it from DiGi promotion event at Suria KLCC only from 11 to 14 June,10am-10pm,but not yet available in those DiGi center. 🙂

Rent it or Buy it?

In these days I take some time on considering of renting or buying a property and now I initially form a picture in my mind.Let’s say I’m going to either rent or buy the same condominium valued at RM130,000 currently.In my area,most of these apartments have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom.It will be big enough for a 2-people family to stay in.



If the owner is willing to sell it at the market price RM130,000,I need to pay more than this amount because I have to process the Sales and Purchases Agreement,Transfer of the title,legal fees and then Stamp Duty which may be up to RM6,000.In Malaysia,we have to pay at least 10% down payment.In this case,that means at least RM13,000.So I have to prepare RM19,000(RM13,000+RM6,000) of cash at first.According to current bank loan policy,the rate of Home loan is around BLR-2%.After some calculation,I could get the monthly installment for the following 20 years is RM680-RM700.Of course,the more I pay on the down payment,the less I pay for the installments.

After 20 years,I own the property worth RM130,000 theoretically and only need to pay monthly maintenance fee.


As I know the rental fee of that kind of apartments is RM500-600.So I just pick up the higher one RM600 because the rental fee should be raised possibly every 5 years.Well,it is RM100 lower than the monthly installment.However,the total money I spend on rental in 20 years will be RM144,000(RM600*12*20) and I leave nothing after all.The worse thing is I must keep on rent a place to stay.(Be noted that the rental fee at that time may be raised to another high.)


To sum up,I prefer to buy a property instead of rental as rental is just like putting money into a bottomless hole.How do you think?