iPhone 4S

I think some people may feel disappointed as Apple didn’t push out iPhone5,they only show iPhone 4s on the stage which is merely an upgraded version of iPhone 4.They are twins actually,they have exactly the same appearance.

Well,for those who want to get an iPhone but not yet owned,iPhone 4S still has the merits.Engadget has made a group of comparisons for us.

The latest iOS 5 will be publicly released on next Wednesday-12 October 2011 with more than 200 new features and enhancements.The cutting-edge feature in this new iOS is called Siri which is the most advanced voice control technology.It can understand human language accurately and responsibly.That’s so great,but unfortunately this feature may only be supported in iPhone 4S.

Currently the prices of iPhone 4 have been dropped in some countries.If you wanna save pocket,you might just get the old iPhone 4 as it’s been quite good.If you wanna get a faster and more powerful one,iPhone 4S fits your need.

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Mac OS Lion+IOS 5+iCloud=WWDC?

From a pic shot by Apple Insider showing that Apple has hanged up a piece of poster to tell people what’s going to happen soon.

Well,there’s no sign of new iPhone.So Apple wanna give us a surprise?We still have to wait and see.I wish Steve Job will perform a wonderful show to all Apple fans. 🙂

Stay tuned!