iOS 9 Preview

WWDC 2015 Keynote had published. The major development from this event is about iOS 9, OS X El Capitan and Watch OS. Let’s check it one by one.

Firstly,in iOS 9, Apple decided to add a new app called NEWS.

News APP

The News app will learn what you’re interested during your reading and provide more personalized news with photos,videos and animations to you. The reading experience will be wonderful as it will be interactive.

Notes app will be more functional. You could add notes from whatever apps you’re in. You could sketch your idea,note with a photo or turn your lists into checklists. Continue reading iOS 9 Preview

iPad Air & iPad mini with Retina Display released

One month after iPhone 5S, Apple released iPad Air and new iPad mini with Retina Display to replace the 4th Gen iPad and former iPad mini.

iPad Air

iPad Air

iPad Air is just 7.5mm thin(28% thinner than the old one) and weigh at only 1 pound(20% lighter than the old one),however, the CPU and graphic performance comes to be 2 times more powerful than the old one and still maintaining up to 10 hours battery (thanks to the A7 chip).

iPad Air has 2 antennas so that it could provide more stable and much faster wifi connections.It also supports more LTE bands for wifi+cellular models.

iPad Air also has new smart cover to match the style.

iPad Air smart cover

iPad mini with Retina Display

Many people hope to get an iPad mini with Retina Display and now here it is.

iPad mini with Retina Display

The new iPad mini has also worked with A7 chip.Thus, it has 4X CPU performance,8X graphics performance compared to the 1st Gen iPad mini and gets 10 hours battery life.Same as iPad Air,it has 2 antennas to get better wifi connections and samrt cover and case to keep your device protected in style.

iPad min with smart cover Continue reading iPad Air & iPad mini with Retina Display released

Nokia Here on iOS

Nokia Here is a navigation app originally designed on Windows Phone,however,Nokia now has decided to expand it into iOS and Android free of charge.I believe a lot of iOS device users will definitely like it because Apple maps is still quite lousy in a number of places.

Click to download

Nokia Here supports both iPhone and iPad with iOS 4.3 or later.The map is based on well-known NAVTEQ’s resources.It also supports community map in some countries so that users could add missing information by their own,updating the maps faster and more accurate.

The details of the features:

Upon my personal experience,I found Waze actually has more complete road information in Malaysia.Anyway,as Nokia Here is just born,it supposes to grow to be better in the coming future.

The Android version of Nokia Here is still under developing.I hope once it covers all major mobile platforms with more users,the map can become a strong competitor to Waze.

Nexus 4,Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 get released

Because of Hurricane Sandy,Google cancelled the event to officially release Nexus 4,the new flagship Android phone in Nexus series;Nexus 7,with lower prices and bigger storage;Nexus 10,the 10 inch Android tablet with the latest functions and powerful hardware.However,all have been pushed into Google Play Store online.

Nexus 4 is the smallest one among all new products,however,it has a powerful heart.This flagship Android phone is built by LG,working with the latest 1.5Ghz Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor and 2GB RAM.

The 4.7 inch 1280X768(320ppi) display screen is really amazing.It’s tough as it is covered and protected by scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2.

The 8MP camera will never let you lose a scene.It now supports 360° panoramas with the new feature in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean called ‘Photo Sphere’.

After all,the most amazing thing is about the price-8GB version selling at US$299 while 16GB version selling at US$349.I think that is really a bargain as It even supports DC-HSPA+(42Mbps).

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iPad mini,4th Generation iPad and more…

After weeks of rumors,iPad mini finally landed to the stage hours ago.

iPad mini is said to be the smaller size of iPad,but not less powerful.It also has around 10 hours battery life and HD FaceTime and iSight cameras.As its smaller size(7.9 inch display),now it could be held in one hand(of course,it should be a big hand.)

iPad mini is only 7.2mm thickness(23% thinner than iPad) and 308g weight (53% lighter than iPad).It supports dual band(2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz) Wireless N technology(up to 150Mbps) and has the option to support cellular data network(such as HSPA, HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA/LTE).

iPad mini starts to pre-order from 26 October 2012,selling from US$329.You can go through more details here.

iPad mini is not the only star in the last special event.Apple also released a 4th Generation iPad with new processor A6X,doubled the processing power compared with A5X which used in the last 3rd generation iPad.The latest iPad adds lightning port instead of the traditional 30-pin port.The size is almost the same as the predecessor and pricing from US499 for 16GB WiFi version and US$629 for 16GB LTE version.

The new line of iMac gives a lot of shocks to us,especially its thickness.The thinnest side is only 5mm.Yes,you didn’t misread it.

There are two sizes of display to choose:21.5 inch(1920×1080) and 27 inch(2560×1440) with different specs.The latest iMac is working on Fusion Drive technology,making a mixture of 128GB SSD and 1-3TB traditional hard disk perform closer to be a pure SSD.

The 21.5 inch iMac is priced from US$1299 with i5 2.7Ghz processor,8GB RAM,1TB hard disk and Nvidia GT640M GPU.The 27 inch iMac is priced from US$1799 with i5 2.9 processor,8GB RAM,1TB hard disk and Nvidia GT660M GPU. Continue reading iPad mini,4th Generation iPad and more…