AAG is close to be released

The Asia America Gateway(AAG) was said to be introduced in August,but now delay to November 11st,2009.This is the first high-bandwidth optical fiber submarine cable system connecting 10 locations:Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam, Guam and Hawaii with the US West Coast.

The cable has 20,000KM-long and been capable up to 480 Gigabits per second to meet present and future requirements for telecommunications services.At the meanwhile,another 8,000KM-long cable serving for the local region-Asia Pacific Gateway(APG) is under construction and expected to be completed in 2011.

So finally AAG is joining to the service,but how will it improve our broadband service by TM and other local ISPs?I don’t know yet.Wait for another 5 days and we could get some answer from ourselves.

First Company Customer of HSBB

In Malaysia,we are talking about HSBB(High Speed BroadBand) in years and it hit the top in the previous months because the official launch was said to be very close.

In last April,HSBB announced that the service would firstly open to the wholesale market and after that,before the end of this year,having their consumer products out.

Things are going to be clearer that yesterday a company called Wi-Net signed an agreement to use HSBB infrastructure to expand their wireless services.This is the very first wholesale customer of HSBB and we can foresee that more and more companies,especially those Internet Service Providers(ISPs),will go negotiations with HSBB to improve their backhauls and bandwidth.

Wi-Net spends RM250 million on the deal,it’s really a large amount.According to Wi-Net’s official website,it’s a wireless broadband service provider which only has coverage on limited areas such as Sungai Buloh,Butterworth and Langkawi etc.I guess after having HSBB service,Wi-Net plans to expand the wireless service rapidly to gain a bigger market share.I hope it will be a successful competitor. 🙂

Well,when will we get HSBB?Still unknown.

(By the way,TM Net still can’t fix my line.It has been 1 week.)

I set up a Singapore VPN

What is VPN?

According to Wikipedia,A virtual private network (VPN) is a computer network in which some of the links between nodes are carried by open connections or virtual circuits in some larger networks, such as the Internet, as opposed to running across a single private network. The Link Layer protocols of the virtual network are said to be tunneled through the transport network. One common application is to secure communications through the public Internet, but a VPN does not need to have explicit security features such as authentication or content encryption. For example, VPNs can also be used to separate the traffic of different user communities over an underlying network with strong security features, or to provide access to a network via a customized or private routing mechanisms.

Why need a VPN?

In many countries,Internet Service Providers set some restrictions on their services.For example,in Dubai,ISPs blocks VoIP service;In china,ISPs block some websites such as YouTube;In Malaysia,ISPs block some P2P applications.

With using a VPN,your computer is showing an IP address assigned by the VPN server which is located outside the country that you live in.That helps the computer to bypass the monitor and censorship of your local ISPs.

Who need a VPN?

People who wants some more security.Nowadays many modem people like to have some coffee in Starbucks and get WIFI access there at the same time.However,since the WIFI network is open to public,the computers in that public network is fully exposed and less security.Applying a VPN,it encrypts all units transmitting from your computer to the Internet.That means you definitely could keep your privacy well.

People who wants to access some restricted contents/applications blocked by local ISPs may also need a VPN because it could bypass local ISPs’ control and set you free.

I set up a VPN(PPTP) server in Singapore currently and it’s working on a shared 10Mps connection which could provide a stable and high-speed service to the users.

If you want to try it the service,you could only pay RM6.5/US$1.99 for one-day trial.If you want to continue to have use this useful service,you could pay RM45/US$12.99 for one month or pay RM120/US$34.99 for one quarter.

Options for the service:

I provide dedicated VPN(Shared speed,no GUARANTEED with best effort basis) as well.That means people who subscribe this dedicated VPN service could use it to do whatever legal things .It could handle normally up to 10 users in a server with a reasonable speed.(Some extra charges will be applied if you want to add more than 10 users in your VPN or you want to have some guaranteed bandwidth.It’s good for small/medium cooperations or groups of friends/gamers.)

For the dedicated server,the minimum subscription duration is 2 months and I will charge it for RM650/US$185 for the 2 months.Once I get the payment,I will go to setup it immediately and put it into service within 24 hours(during working days;order made during weekends,I will make it in the coming Monday).

Dedicated Singapore VPN

*Since the foreign exchange rate is fluctuating currently,I may adjust the price slightly in a near future.For sure,I will also inform my existing customers in advance in order to pay the recurring payment at a new rate.

Once I receive the payment,I will give you the instruction to use the service within 24 hours.Every subscriber should leave a comment as a reminder to me.Please kindly let me know the pros and cons of my service after your trial and hopefully you will like it always.


*Note* The VPN service is not allowed to do any illegal activity according to laws and regulations in Singapore.It has no limits on usages,however,any activity which may cause overuse the resources(eg. heavy P2P downloading/file transfer) will be prohibited and once it happens,I will send acknowledge to the user firstly and reserve the right to terminate the account with no refund.Please be noted that all users must take full responsibility on their own activities.The terms and conditions are applied to both Premium Singapore VPN and Dedicated Singapore VPN.

Lowyat.net forumer could enjoy a discounted price.You could check the detail there.