Days in my howntown

I just spent a wonderful Chinese New Year with my family in Jiading,Shanghai-the place I born and grew up.It was quite cold there,but feeling warm in my deep heart.Every day was so busy,but meaningful.

My whole family visited my uncle’s home in Nanxiang,Shanghai.In the past,it’s a farming area.Now,with the development of the city,most of them have their new houses to live.My uncle and his family now live in a rural villa which is very large and comfortable. Continue reading Days in my howntown

bad time past good time coming

Why do I say that?Because I don’t feel well on my exams.I can say that only upset is around me.But yeah,it is the past.The coming days are what I’m willing to be.Well,finally I will come back to my lovely home town-Jiading,Shanghai soon.Since today,I have started to plan for the days for me and for my friends who will accompany with me during their year end holidays.

Till now a lot of places in Shanghai are in my list and I think most of them are worth visiting for my friends,however we  still have limitation on time so that we have to shorten my list and to build up a final itinerary for the trip.

There are 8 days left…My lucky number shows to me my happiness. 😀