My wedding time’s scheduled

After the discussion with my parents and future parents-in-law,my fiancée and I chose February 18th,the fifth day after Chinese New Year,holding our wedding event in Shanghai,China.We need to book the air tickets as soon as possible because that is a hot period for travelling.The fares have been increased compared to the normal days.

By AirAsia(KL to Hangzhou):

AirAsia faresAll fares listed are recorded on November 3rd,2009 and subject to change from time to time,exclusive with luggage charges and meals on board.

*The date that my fiancée and I flying to Hangzhou

#The date that most friends of my fiancée flying to Hangzhou

@The date that some friends and relatives of my fiancée flying to Hangzhou

*#@The date that we all come back to KL

By Malaysia Airline(KL to Shanghai):

If you could afford a higher price in order to get some convenience and perhaps better services,Malaysia Airline will be the nice choice.The return ticket is pricing RM1700-RM1800 inclusive with all charges recorded on November 3rd,2009.

Guys,please inform me your schedule of your flights before November 15th,2009 so that I could have enough time to let travel agent give some offer to me.Thanks.

Though there are still 107 days to go,I think I’d better to make all things on the track first because I don’t want to regret anybody in the wedding event.

Wish all the best!

[email protected]

P1 is a subsidiary company of Green Packet Bhd. which is committing to high-tech services recently.Since P1 is one owner of Wimax license,the development on that technology from the company is concerned by the public.

Now P1 announced that it had associated with DBKL(Kuala Lumpur City Hall) and MCMC to introduce the project of [email protected] which provides wireless access in KL area and furthermore making KL to be one of the biggest wireless city in the world.


It will cover the most area of KL in phases until 2010.It will be officially released in this June and in the first two years of commencement,it will be totally free.After that period the relevant parties will review the project in order to perform the service to be better.

You can go to the website to check whether your location is under coverage now.If you’re really so lucky,please do not hesitate to try it and give a feedback to me though my place isn’t in service yet. 😀

Blog statistics

I seldom do such stats for my blog.But I think the following points are quite interesting and helpful for blogging life.

1.Stop blogging for one day will make you drop on inflows of visitors.I find that during 3rd-5th of Oct. I made some entries,the inflows can be maintained.Once after that durations,inflows have been suddenly down.So the best way is blogging everyday whatever you will blog for.


2.People like shopping mall.Why do I say that?Because I wrote some articles for KL Pavilion and Gardens in MidValley so that I see most of search results are for those shopping malls.So if you want to attract some search engines,maybe you could blog for shopping malls.It’s one of the hot topic in the city. 🙂


3.I should thank for my supporters.As the stats,I can see more than 60% visitors are from Malaysia and Singapore.That means most of my visitors are within the same region.Those people visiting from Shanghai should mostly be my old buddies and cousins.And from US probably is HeavenGal. 😛 Thanks.


What about your blogs?I’m waiting to see your details about it.Maybe they are quite interesting too.

The Gardens in MidValley

It’s a shopping season.New shopping malls are coming forth in several days.Last Tuesday My girlfriend and I went to Gardens in MidValley to have a look and buy some stuffs.

Because when we arrived there,it was about to take a lunch.So I led her to ‘Din Tai Fung’ which is famous on Taiwan style Steamed Dumplings.We ordered mixed wontons,grilled pork fried rice with eggs,beef noodle soup and of course,steamed dumplings.Yes,we really took a lot because I was very greedy and hungry. 😛

I think that lunch is quite good and price is not too expensive-but still RM40/person is necessary.After lunch,we just walked around this new shopping mall.As we know,this is for those mid and high-end brands so that once you come there for shopping,you’d better to have enough budget. 🙂

But from my comparison between The Pavillion and The Gardens,I prefer this one.With a compact and simple design,we can really enjoy the place comfortably and easy to access from one side to another.

Well,unfortunately not 100% of stores are open yet .I think it is likely to fully open until next January at least.I hope at that time the traffic situation over there can be improved a bit.

Pavilion KL

My girlfriend and I walked to Pavilion KL shopping center to have a look like some other free people.Once we arrived there,we felt that the place was just like roughly finished.The ground wasn’t clean and around there,lots of motorcycles were parking unorderly.

Pavillion KL map

Well,we went further steps inside.Yes,something was surprising us is there is a wide space so that we felt very free to shopping.And there seems to have many brands gathering,though they wouldn’t open yet.

Because it was the time to have a diner,so we ran to the food ground seeking some restraunts.But unfortunately,90% of them were still under progress.

So I just can say that was a walking trip only and nothing can be found because of low completions.That told us that we need not be so rush to see a new place as they have to take a long time to maturely lauch.