TuneTalk 4G LTE is around the corner

One of the most successful MVNO in Malaysia,TuneTalk, is just about to start their 4G LTE service. As I’m so lucky to be the first few to try it, I decide to share some speedtest results out to let your guys feel envy !

TuneTalk rides on Celcom’s network that the 4G LTE network is working on Band 3(1800MHz) and Band 7(2600MHz) currently. However,my current device could only work on Band 3,thus the speedtest results may not reach the best performance it could be. Continue reading TuneTalk 4G LTE is around the corner

Review of CloudFlare service

I’ve used CloudFlare service since the early days of March.As visitors of my blog are mainly from South East Asia and my hosting is in USA,the latency is quite high(>300ms most of time) because the connections between Asia and USA usually are very congested.So when I found there’s a free service which could reduce the latency and providing some security features,I decided to try it.

It’s around 2 months since then,how’s performance of this service?In fact,I think most frequent visitors of my blog should have their answers already.Yes,the improvements are tremendous:lower and lower response time,faster and faster loading speed,last but not least,less and less down time.

It also helps me save a lot of bandwidth as well as prevent some potential threats.

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Speed Test:DiGi VS Maxis

I used to be a Maxis user for years,however,at the beginning of introducing 3G service years ago,Maxis looked like not paying too much effort on improving the call quality at that time,I decided to change to DiGi which could provide a cheaper rate,quite stable download speed(not meaning fast-normally capped under 1Mbps) with not-so-good call quality.

After a large number of investments setting up more 3G cell towers and expanding the coverage both outdoor and indoor,the quality for voice and data service on both networks should be better.So in this morning,I made a group of simple speed tests to see which one has a better 3G network.Please see the comparison:

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Umobile gonna let you fly

Yup,Umobile has the latest slogan of its new broadband service asking that ‘Why surf when you can fly’.Well,Umobile  introduces HSPA+ in some selected area which could boost the connection up to 42Mbps,meaning that is twice as faster as Unifi-the FTTH/VDSL service from Telekom Malaysia.

You should pay RM450 for HSPA+ modem support up to 42Mbps downlink and the monthly charge will be RM40 for 2GB(additional usage for 5 sen/MB) or RM68 for 5GB without extra charge for excessive usage,but fair usage policy applied.Umobile also offers RM20 monthly rebate for 5 months.

Well,it’s a wireless service and so the limitation will be quite obvious,such as higher latency and more congested network.However,HSPA+ could be performed better than HSDPA on those mentioned issues.So I think if you are the Internet user who want to feel the flying feeling on surfing Internet and don’t care about the cap on volume(FUP) and higher latency compared to wired broadband,it could be great.How do you think?

I hope Umobile could update the coverage map soon. 🙂

DiGi 3G goes to voice service?

Yesterday I got a piece of surprising news from Lowyat.net that some DiGi users had successfully made a 3G video call to other network users.

As we all know that DiGi is the only mobile service provider in Malaysia which only applies 3G technology on data service,a.k.a DiGi Broadband.I also heard that DiGi will open the 3G infrastructure to voice service in weeks.So perhaps in some areas or for some existing users,DiGi is doing some secret testing there recently.However,there’s no official news to express on this stuff yet.

Besides,some DiGi users did some bandwidth tests on their iPhone and found an amazing result-1.72Mbps for downstream.

DiGi 3G

The result is definitely impressive.But if DiGi could do some more enhancements to reduce the crazy latency and increase the upload speed(>512Kbps),it could surely attract more and more people for its broadband service.Let’s pray for it!