Malaysian youth will get RM200 rebate on buying smartphone

MCMCAs a part of Budget 2013 and under the National Broadband Initiative,the Malaysian government announced that RM200 rebate will be given to the eligible people to buy some selected 3G smartphone.Recently,MCMC just published the details about this rebate:

  1. Only applicable to Malaysians between 21 to 30 years old.
  2. The gross monthly income no more than RM3000.
  3. The selected 3G smartphone no more than RM500.
  4. Existing mobile broadband/data users or new users.
  5. One unit per person

The selected 3G smartphone(as at 26 Dec. 2012) are:

1) Alcatel 993D
2) Alcatel OneTouch Glory 2

3) Alcatel OneTouch Inspire 2
4) The Buzz Phone
5) HTC Wildfire
6) Huawei Ideos X3
7) LG Optimus L3
8) Ninetology Black Pearl II
9) Ninetology Palette
10) Nokia 2730
11) Nokia 7230
12) Nokia Asha 305
13) Nokia Asha 308
14) Nokia Asha 311
15) Nokia C2-03
16) Nokia Lumia 610
17) Samsung Galaxy Chat
18) Samsung Galaxy Mini
19) Samsung Galaxy Pocket
20) Samsung Galaxy Y
21) Sony Xperia Tipo
22) ZTE Acqua
23) ZTE V790


MCMC said that the government intends to help the youths in low income group,so they set RM500 limit for the smartphone.However,since there are a lot of noises about this,the latest news is the government may be reviewed the limit in the next cabinet meeting.From my opinion,I think the government could raise up the limit up to at least RM1000 to let the youths have a chance to get a mid-range smartphone instead of entry level one.

MCMC also said the service providers may update the list of smartphones from time to time to give more choices to eligible buyers.


Update:The cabinet finally heard the voice from the mass public and decided not to set the cap for the smartphone.That means the eligible people could buy any smartphones listed by selected service providers with RM200 rebate from now on.

For the eligible buyers,you could start to apply for the rebate from 1 January 2013 by registering online at  .

4G spectrum had been allocated by MCMC in Malaysia

The telecommunication industry regulator in Malaysia,MCMC(the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Comission) announced last night that they had assigned 2600MHz(2.6GHz) to 8 companies for deploying 4G LTE(Long Term Evolution) wireless technology.

The 8 companies are Celcom Axiata Bhd, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd, Packet One Networks (M) Sdn Bhd, Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, REDtone Marketing Sdn Bhd, U Mobile Sdn Bhd and YTL Communications Sdn Bhd.

From the aforementioned list,you could find that Celcom.DiGi,Maxis and U Mobile are the existing mobile telcos;P1 and YTL Communications(YES 4G) are running Wimax networks;REDtone is a MVNO(Mobile Virtual Network Operator) player currenting riding on Celcom network;Puncak Semangat is a new face in the industry,but the boss is well-known local billionaire,the richest Bumiputra corporate figure – Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary.

MCMC wants the existing telcos to take their experiences to build up reliable 4G networks while the new players may seek some innovative and create ways to compete with others.Well,the idea is good,but applying into Malaysia,I think it’s not good because Malaysia only has 28 million population.8 companies have to divide a small cake into tiny pieces and so perhaps no one could get full at last.

Anyway,they may go to consolidate the service later or share the infrastructures to improve the financial performance.At this moment,we could just wait for several months to see how they will make it done nicely.


Malaysian Broadband

Today I read from TheStar that Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim directs the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission(MCMC) to investigate why the cost on IT service is high.

I feel curious that the high price on IT service(on broadband services) has exists for more than 8 years and now the government just mentioned the issue.For example,the high end broadband service for home-Streamyx 4M combo will cost people RM160(US$48) monthly,but it only provides 4Mbps for downlink and 512Kbps for uplink.All right,we won’t go far.We only pick up our neighbor-Singapore’s broadband services as the references.

  Singtel Starhub
Downlink: 15Mbps 8Mbps
Uplink: 1Mbps 768Kbps
Monthly fee: S$59.90(RM149/US$44) S$59.92(RM150/US$44)
Remarks: Free IPTV and movie channel for 12 months boost up to 100Mbps on partner’s sites

I pay at almost equivalent amount,but get only 1/4 speed.I hope the Malaysian government could know why soon and take quick actions to eliminate it.Well,I don’t bet on it much.

My broadband service issue resolved

I made a report to TM Net and MCMC regarding to slow connection issue in May 18,2009.After several days,I received the reply from MCMC.

Complaint Num : 03XX/XX/XX

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for writing to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM). Your complaint has reached Consumer Complaints Bureau of the SKMM.

Please be informed that we are looking into this matter.

Should you have any other enquiry, please do not hesitate to email to us or contact our complaint hotline number at 1800 888 030 (Mon-Fri 8.30am To 5.30pm).

It seems like a common generated email,right?As I had done what I could do,I have to wait them for further investigation.

Three days later,I received the call from TM Net customer service rapid response team to comfort me and told me that they would do the work for me immediately and then called me again on the next day.I was so sad that I never got any call on that day from TM Net.

Well,keeping on waiting is the only option.Until May 26,2009,I felt that I can’t wait anymore.Thus,I wrote another email to MCMC and got the reply as follows:

Complaint Num. : 03XX/XX/XX

Dear Sir/Madam,

We take note on your feedback and will make a follow up with TM on your Streamyx connection problem.

Should you have any other enquiry, please do not hesitate to email to us or contact our complaint hotline number at 1800 888 030 (Mon-Fri 8.30am To 5.30pm).

Just hours later,a technician from TM Net called me that he would come to my house to check the connection.Although I’m not a IT person,I have enough knowledge on this kind of issues.I directly told the technician that it was some fault on TM server(port) there,but the technician insisted on having a site check first.

He did what I had done such as ping time,tracert,speed test etc.After all,he told me that he thought the issue came from there server and he would go there to reset a port to me.

Within one hour of changing to a new port,my issue was resolved and I could get the speed what I suppose to get-2Mbps.

That means if TM,at first,investigated its server there,it wasn’t necessary for me to wait for weeks.

Yesterday I received a call from TM Net customer server rapid response team again.The girl confirmed whether the issue had been resolved and informed me that she would arrange a rebate for me.

Today I just received a confirmation of rebate telling that I could get an amount of RM128 as a rebate for unexpected level of efficiency and it will be automatically reflected in my following TM bill.

The thing is ended here.However,I still wonder when TM Net will provide a more efficient service and a better helpdesk.