New Windows Live Messenger beta

Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 beta just released 7 hours ago and I’m applying it in my laptop already.Windows Live Messenger is the most popular software for me,so I decided to try that first.

The default view has rich contents there,including ‘highlights’,’photos’,’status’ etc.It’s a real mixture of social network tool and instant message software.


It also has a traditional view aka a compact view to slim the windows.

Once you open a chatting window,you can find nothing changed except a bar with some functions.


So from now on,if you want to disappear to some of your friends,you can set to appear offline to the person whilst other people can still see you there.
Here are my rough comments on the very new Windows Live Messenger beta and I think I should take more time to dig out more knowledge on this.You guys could download and install this new stuff to try it out too.It may make you look cool,huh?  Open-mouthed smile

Get it here…

(BTW,I edited this article on the latest Windows Live Writer beta,the experience is much better than the old version.Thumb up!!!)

MSN Pet:DuoMao

MSN Live pushed new stuff out:MSN Pet-DuoMao.You can register it and download the program in DuoMao’s official website.After you install it,you can start your life of feeding this cute cat.

MSN Pet-DuoMao

You need to keep him/her happy every minute and let him/her work and study to gain some money and experience as well.And you can add other people as your buddies and visit them when you feel boring.

My DuoMao

It’s under testing now.If you want to some interests on your boring desktop,try this then! 😀


MSN Cartoon beta

This service is available on MSN China only as what I know(from KennyP).It can use your own photo to transfer into a cartoon emotion with MSN original emotion style.It is quite easy as I believe everybody who can read Chinese will know how to do with instructions.I think it will be available in MSN globally soon,so if you can’t understand Chinese,please bear for some days.

There are my cartoons:


Quite cute and familiar,right?Go,go,go…You just need to prepare a photo with your head(-_-) and go here to finish all procedures.After that,you will have your cartoon faces too.Enjoy…