Hero Plus comes to save you & your plus one

U Mobile,as one of the youngest mobile operators in Malaysia,recently plays very actively. The Hero postpaid plan which launched months ago attracts a lot of eyeballs and this time,they introduce Hero Plus plan to give you more excitement.

U Mobile Hero Plus

As what you see,it’s actually a combination with Hero P70 plan(principle line) + Share 50 plan(member line). With this Hero Plus plan, 1 principle line and 1 member line can get 10GB shareable data and unlimited call to all lines. It allows 1 principle line to be attached with up to 3 member lines and get up to 16GB shareable data and in this case,the average cost per line will only be around RM55(if no other pay per use charges).

U Mobile Hero Plus member line

Frankly speaking, it’s very competitive compared with the plans offering by local big 3 mobile operators(Maxis, Celcom and Digi). What you need to consider is the network coverage. If you’re not sure of it, my suggestion is to buy a piece of prepaid SIM and test it on your phone first. That most probably could clear your doubts.

The Tomorrow Network from DiGi

DiGi recently announced that they are doing some major upgrade work throughout the whole country to solve the network congestion issues and extend their high speed broadband coverage.Also,by upgrading the network,DiGi will have a LTE(a sort of 4G technology) ready and can be working as soon as they get 4G license in Malaysia.DiGi named that upgraded network as ‘The Tomorrow Network’.

DiGi also promises that after the upgrade,more than 95% of the most populated area in Malaysia will have high speed broadband access(EDGE&3G).

DiGi informs that the upgrade will be site-by-site and so some area may have service interruptions during the work and normally it will be at off-peak hour.DiGi users can check when you will be affected by this link.

There are many friends around me using DiGi’s service as it’s known to offer the most affordable phone plans in Malaysia.Well,the complaints about the service quality of DiGi(expecially on rate of drop-calls,slow 3G speed etc.) never stop.

I wish with the deployments of the new network,DiGi could get better reputation and really be the smart choice of their consumers.