Taman Tasik Perdana(2)

Yesterday was a wonderful day.As the arrangement,we departed early in the morning.After 15 minutes by car,we successfully reached the park.It’s really huge and has a very fantastic environment.We always stayed there for 2 hours,walking around in the area at first and then having jogging and playing badminton as usual.I just shot some pictures using my mobile phone.Here we are:

The morning scene at Taman Tasik Perdana

There are quite a lot of monkeys living in the mountain near the bird park and orchid garden.So please be careful to walk there as you may be the target of monkeys-they may willing to give you a special gift-a stack of shit. 😀

If can,I want to go there every Saturday because there is more free and relaxing and more things to take a look.Thanks Vivian. 🙂