How to start business? (Final Update)

3. Marketing

Some well-known entrepreneur think we are now in the marketing age, meaning that marketing is a key function which dramatically drives a business to a gain or loss. I totally agree it.

For example, you want to sell a kind of bottled fresh milk. How could you get some market initially when there are so many existing players? To put advertisements (newspaper/magazine/Internet etc) indicating the unique advantages of your product, to set a few promotions to let more people know your product and perhaps you can give out free products to potential customers.

Thousands of marketing strategies are out there. You need to take some time to learn some and apply some in your real business. However, you have to remember that every cent you spend on it is definitely at the right place.

4. Human resource

You should hire some staffs who love the job rather than the salary. They surely will pay most of their efforts on their duties and their passion may motivate other people in the company and let all work more efficient than never ever.

If you are doing your business with partnership, only partners working together at the beginning will be a nice method too because it could help you spend less on payroll and know more on the enterprise. If you do need some extra manpower, just hire a proper number of employees. You must be carefully on this because salary is a fixed cost in most organizations. That means the more you hire, the more fixed expenses you hear to pay monthly, and you will feel very hard to cut it down.

Once you completely get those four points above and know how to implement them, I think you could do your real action now-to register a company and a related license/permit.

I’m sorry that I can’t explain too much on this because the rules and regulations are different in most countries. However, I think you could have your detailed information from Internet. Of course, go to have a consultation with chartered accountant or other professionals will be a good idea too.

I’d better to stop my article here since I can do nothing from this point. I wish my contribution could have some value for somebody.

Have a nice day!