iPhone4S:another one week,but you can do something now

iPhone fans will love MalaysianWireless so much as he used all his connections to get lots of stories about iPhone4S launch and now he had already drawn a much clearer picture to us.

Maxis had closed ‘register of interest’ and 100,000 people who had registered days ago should receive an email from Maxis to arrange a time slot attending iPhone4S launch at 9PM(Thurday night),15 December 2011 at KL Convention Center,being the first people to get iPhone4S at 12:01(Friday morning),16 December 2011.Of course,they also can choose to pick up their phones during the days on Friday and Saturday.

Celcom has planned to hold up a launching event at the same time that Maxis does,but the place will be La Bodega, Bangsar Shopping Center.Again,people who wants to attend that event,need to arrange the time slot as well.MalaysianWireless revealed that Celcom will probably offer some kind of discounts in some form secretly.If you can sign up Celcom Exec i248 postpaid plan for 24 months,you can only pay RM558 for iPhone4S 16GB and bring it home.

So DiGi is the only one acting quietly.I think many people wanna ask MalaysianWireless to dip out some more news from DiGi too. 😀

iPhone4S is really driving Malaysian Apple fans crazy!!!