Maxis TalkMore 48

Maxis introduced a new postpaid plan called TalkMore 48,offering 400 mins talking time and 200 sms monthly to all operators for just RM 48 commitment fee.

Once you finish the voice/sms quota,you have to pay as follow:

After you use over RM110,you could enjoy a discounted rate for voice and sms.

The credit limit is RM150 and when you subscribe it,you have to pay RM50 as advance charge.

I think this plan is not quite suitable to the smart phone users because it’s not bundled with any data usage.That means when you use 2G/3G data,you have to pay it extra which is not worth.Of course,you could opt to add monthly pass for your data usage.

Well,as a heavy mobile data user,I don’t think I will consider such a plan.

DiGi Internet Plans for iPad

DiGi designs a group of new plans dedicated for iPad data users.It’s starting from RM30 postpaid monthly with 500MB quota and exceeding usage will be charged at RM0.05/MB,capped at RM90.Other 2 plans are RM58 and RM88 postpaid monthly with 2GB and 6GB data volume without additional charges for exceeding quota,however,speed throttled.

DiGi also provides a prepaid option here-a microsim pack costing RM25 including 5-day internet pass.What you need to be noted is DiGi prepaid Internet plans only providing download speed up to 384Kbps even though you’re under so-called Turbo3G coverage.

Do you like the new plans?For me,it’s not attractive at all.

New U Mobile Broadband

U Mobile’s unlimited mobile Internet plan is quite hot here.Well,U Mobile does’t want to stop the steps,now they are just releasing new mobile broadband bundle plans,for prepaid and postpaid,with normal 7.2Mbps modem to 21Mbps MiFi or 42Mbps modem.The wider variety is going to make you satisfied in either way.

The main change is they add monthly plan tagged at RM128 for 15GB volume and have 7 days money back guarantee,and they also offer MiFi and 42Mbps USB modem bundled.

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Buy One Free One from Umobile

The latest promotion from Umobile was just popped out 2 days ago.It’s buy one free one promotion with Nokia X3/E5.

You could choose either Nokia X3/E5 as your primary phone and pay as retail price when you subscribe U Value/Plus/Premium postpaid service.Umobile will rebate the subsidies to you over the contract period.

After that,you could get a free Nokia X3 with subscribing U38 plan and pay an upfront payment by credit card with auto debit(RM380) or by cash(RM500).The upfront payment will be in full over 10 months.

I think that’s a quite good deal for somebody who is not willing to get those advanced and expensive smartphones(iPhone,Android phones etc).Are you interesting on them?

Here are specs in details:

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Oh,Celcom has white iPhone4 too

Celcom officially works out iPhone4 plans today together with releasing white iPhone4.

The packages are with a very wide range-from prepaid to postpaid.

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