Spotify is free on the move now( with limitations)

Spotify LogoSpotify finally opens its free service to mobile devices(iOS and Android) thought it’s still some limitations.However,it’s better than nothing.

Spotify free service for mobile

The limitations are that you could only play musics in SHUFFLE mode and there will be some ads inserting in.That means you could not control the playing order.Well,Spotify does allow you to set your favorite playlists to play  with.So from my opinion,the shuffle mode actually is not a big problem at all.About the ads,as long as it won’t take more than 30 secs for one or appear so frequently,I will be fine with it too.

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Free seats from AirAsia again

Every year,AirAsia-the largest low cost carrier in Asia promotes the routes by offering free seats.The offer is on currently for AirAsia Big Members to redeem the free seats with 0 point and will open to the public from midnight on 15 Jan 2013.


Free seats for 0 Big Point


If you’re the Big member,you could just simply click on the above picture to direct to the redeem page.However,as what AirAsia said,the website is under huge pressures with very active response and you may have to try thousands of times to load the page correctly.

Free seats for the public

Don’t be too sad if you can’t redeem your free seats from the member-only promotion.We still have another chance to get the free seats in the upcoming promo too.Well,it ought to be a tough battle to get those seats,but it’s still worth trying.

FYI,the free seats are for travelling between 20 August 2013 to 9 February 2014.If you wanna get one,you’d better to make sure that you’re still awake after midnight.

DiGi will show some surprises

DiGi leaked some information about the coming promotions for its existing users.DiGi didn’t tell the exact things,but it threw out some questions.

DiGi From my guess,I think it should be as follow:

  • A 3G modem at only RM10
  • Brand new netbook at only RM600
  • A smartphone less than RM500

DiGi says all will be disclosed tomorrow.So we need to wait another 12 hours to see whether the surprises are the ones we like. 🙂

0% interest

If you are a credit card holder,I don’t think you will feel so strange on 0% interest.Actually a lot of banks take 0% interest as a big title for their promotions to encourage the existing customers to spend.Recently I got a similar ‘great’ deal from local H Bank introducing in the latest brochure.

In the brochure,it says I’m eligible to make cash advance within the available credit limit of the credit card with 0% interest.Read until this point,I had already raised up my questions:if 0% of interest,what will the bank earn?So I read carefully word for word and found this note:5% cash advance fee will be charged and the 0% interest rate is just for 6 months.

To some simple calculations,we just transfer 5% cash advance fee into annual interest rate,which will be 10%.Please don’t forget that 0% interest is only valid for the half year and after that period,the normal interest rate for credit balance will be charged.Thus,if people take this advantage to get some money,but unable to pay it up within 6 months,he will be charged more than 10% at the end.In fact,a few personal loan interest rates that banks offering are better than this.

Banks always play such tricks to bluff us,so we have to be smart enough to not let it work.


You could reserve your cheap Windows 7 now

Microsoft has been providing some methods to pre-order Windows 7 at half-off prices,including Microsoft store.

Windows 7 half-off prices And from now on until October 22,2009-the date that Windows 7 will officially be released,the customers who buy Windows Vista could entitle to get the same class product of Windows 7 free of charges.

Hurry up!The chance is limited. 🙂


PS:Asian people need not buy it immediately as the past experience tells me that the retail price in Asia will be much cheaper than American/European market and some promotional event will be held too.