bad time past good time coming

Why do I say that?Because I don’t feel well on my exams.I can say that only upset is around me.But yeah,it is the past.The coming days are what I’m willing to be.Well,finally I will come back to my lovely home town-Jiading,Shanghai soon.Since today,I have started to plan for the days for me and for my friends who will accompany with me during their year end holidays.

Till now a lot of places in Shanghai are in my list and I think most of them are worth visiting for my friends,however we  still have limitation on time so that we have to shorten my list and to build up a final itinerary for the trip.

There are 8 days left…My lucky number shows to me my happiness. 😀

Visa Application

I’m not talking about applying visa credit card,but about foreign country entry permit(VISA).I will have a holiday after examination and my girlfriend and some of her friends will accompany me having a trip to Shanghai,China.

They have been quite excited because it just leaves 1 month to that date.And it’s time to apply for tourism visa as now I still have some limited time before exams.Yesterday I went to Embassy of China in KL to take forms and was told that I can help other people to submit their applications as well.

During this week,I will let my buddies fill up the forms and bring to me their passport-sized photos and passports so that I can do this on next Monday and collect them before the end of this Monday.

OK,I should take more time to review my subjects because it’s close to exam dates too.So I need to go through the dark first and then see the light… 🙂



You can check for more details on .

The surprise is disclosed!

I talked about that I was willing to give my buddies who will accompany with me to Shanghai in the end of December some surprise.So now I will disclose it:

smile from button badgeA close look

Yup,they’re the button badges designed by myself for Shanghai trip.It’s very easy to put it on any bag,cloth and etc so that I can clearly identify where are my team members or their baggages.

I took orders on fatstatement which is a Swedish company specialising on making customized button badges.Fairly good work but I saw some little damages caused in transit.

Whatever it is,I hope those badges will be meaningful and helpful. 🙂

A surprise

A surprise is a best cushion that makes us find some differences in our common life.I have prepared a little gift for each buddies who will accompany me to Shanghai at the end of December.

What is it?I keep secret first and the answer will be disclosed within two-week time.I hope they will like it.Shhhh…   🙂

Blog statistics

I seldom do such stats for my blog.But I think the following points are quite interesting and helpful for blogging life.

1.Stop blogging for one day will make you drop on inflows of visitors.I find that during 3rd-5th of Oct. I made some entries,the inflows can be maintained.Once after that durations,inflows have been suddenly down.So the best way is blogging everyday whatever you will blog for.


2.People like shopping mall.Why do I say that?Because I wrote some articles for KL Pavilion and Gardens in MidValley so that I see most of search results are for those shopping malls.So if you want to attract some search engines,maybe you could blog for shopping malls.It’s one of the hot topic in the city. 🙂


3.I should thank for my supporters.As the stats,I can see more than 60% visitors are from Malaysia and Singapore.That means most of my visitors are within the same region.Those people visiting from Shanghai should mostly be my old buddies and cousins.And from US probably is HeavenGal. 😛 Thanks.


What about your blogs?I’m waiting to see your details about it.Maybe they are quite interesting too.