New Stuff in Google Reader

If you’re used to read online material,I think you will always adopt Google Reader as a reliable online RSS reader because of its simple but useful interface.Now Google Reader adds two more functions to make the reading experience more relax and funny.

1.Explore section

Explore Section in Google ReaderGoogle Reader is always searching your Web History and Reader Trend and make the recommended sources fit your demand.That ensures that what we’re able to read in the Reader is what we’re most probably willing to read.Smart,huh?


2.Sort by magic

Googlereadermagic(1) Well,sometimes you’ve subscribed a lot of materials,but you have limited time to read.I think you could now use sort by magic.It sorts all posts by your personalized ranking.That means it definitely knows what you want.It’s saving your time,right?

So just go to try it out for the new improvements.Google Reader is for a good reader. 🙂