TuneTalk Prepaid Review

TuneTalkI‘ve tried many mobile telco services since MNP available in Malaysia.At first,I changed to DiGi from Maxis as it’s cheaper at that time.However,I gave it up soon because of its bad coverage,especially 3G. So U Mobile got to be my second choice:better plan and quite good 3G coverage as well as speed.Well,after more than one year,I find that there are some weird issues such as hard to connect 3G data with full signal or always sucessfully running on roaming mode when outstation but failing to get data connection.As a heavy mobile data user,it makes me really sad.I want to get a service with reasonable price and good data service quality.Now,I turn to try TuneTalk.

I directly order the SIM pack from the website.It’s free of charge and with RM2 airtime.The only thing you need to do is filling the form with your own particulars,choose the number you wanna get to use and submit it.You can choose to get either normal SIM,micro SIM or even nano SIM.

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[Update]Unveiled Windows Phone ‘Mango’ with live demo

Microsoft started to sell its latest phone products 7 months ago and now it pushes out a huge update for them,The code name is ‘Mango’.It’s said to have more than 500 improvements and new features and promised to provide much better user experience than ever.

There are 3 major points in this new update:

  • Communications: Easier to Connect and Share
  • A Smarter Approach to Apps
  • Taking the Internet Beyond the Browser

Let’s check out in the official video:

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[UPDATE]Maxis WiFi

TM runs Streamyx Zone WiFi service for years and now Maxis joins to provide WiFi service in public area too.Of course,it’s payable.

If you go to a place showing this logo,that means Maxis WiFi is available in that area.Well,I don’t think you could see this logo frequently as the service area is quite limited currently,most of them are shopping centers and commercial buildings.Sunway Pyramid,KLCC,Imbi Plaza,Menara Maxis,IOI Mall,Phileo Damansara,Jaya One are in the list.You could check more details here.

The service is only available for currently Maxis users(both prepaid and postpaid) and have several packages to choose.

I checked everywhere but found that Maxis didn’t disclose how fast the WiFi connection could be.Well,I think we have to wait somebody to test it later. 🙂

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Speed Test:DiGi VS Maxis

I used to be a Maxis user for years,however,at the beginning of introducing 3G service years ago,Maxis looked like not paying too much effort on improving the call quality at that time,I decided to change to DiGi which could provide a cheaper rate,quite stable download speed(not meaning fast-normally capped under 1Mbps) with not-so-good call quality.

After a large number of investments setting up more 3G cell towers and expanding the coverage both outdoor and indoor,the quality for voice and data service on both networks should be better.So in this morning,I made a group of simple speed tests to see which one has a better 3G network.Please see the comparison:

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