TM Streamyx offers 8Mbps BB Deal

TM Streamyx recently adds a new 8Mbps plan for RM160 monthly into the existing product lines to give some choices to the users who want to get the faster speed,but haven’t covered by Unifi service.

Streamyx plans

The 8 Mbps BB Deal could be applied by new and existing users.However,due to the technical limitation,some applicants may not able to get that plan as the speed is hard to be reachable.You could check the availability of coverage here.

You could subscribe/upgrade the service online or pay a visit to the nearest TM Point.

TM Promotions

TM recently announced several promotions for the coming months.

Super Speed Me

Offering to upgrade to a higher speed plan and in the free 3 months after upgrading,just paying the currently monthly charge and the new one will only be charged from the 4th month.

If you already are a TM reward member,you also could get 1,000 TM reward points upon upgrading;if you are not yet,you also could register yourself for membership within the promotion period and get 1,000 TM reward points too.

Offer valid until 30th June 2012 while Terms & Conditions apply.

HyppTV Platinum Pack 

Yes,it’s not wrong.Only RM30 for 30 premium channels.You could subscribe the pack through myUniFi Portal,HyppTV IPTV remote control,call TM Unifi Center 1800821222,visit the nearest selected TM point or TM authorized resellers.

Terms and conditions apply.



Actually those things are not a bid deal.However,it still lets me feel upset.

Firstly,I’m waiting for Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ coming to my Nexus One since it was released by Google last month.I was heard some official source saying that it would be available in Nexus one in few weeks.Well,the said weeks have been a month.Yet I haven’t seen any signal of OTA.


Damn it!It’s so terrible that knowing the stuff but can’t catch it.Some people may say I could root my phone and apply other third party mods.I know they are working quite well,but I don’t want to make my warranty void so soon.So Google and the Android development team,I hope you could hear my voice and let it out a.s.a.p. to eliminate my sadness.

Secondly,it’s linking to some tech stuff again.It’s about my broadband service.I have been using Streamyx service for 8 years.On the other words,I have borne the slow upload speed provided by this sort of service for such long.I can’t express how excited I was when I heard that my area would be able to get the fiber optics service called ‘Unifi’ which can support up to 20Mbps synchronously in January 2011.I was then be informed lately that it will only be here in late March.That means there are another 2 months to go.


Ok,nothing I can do.I may only pray to get them earlier as the gift for Chinese new year.

Finally get Streamyx 4Mbps service in my house

Just move in the house that we bought,everything is new – decoration,furniture,electric items and of course,applying new online service.

I used to apply Streamyx 4Mbps service,but the line quality could not afford that plan.Well,luckily the copper line here is better and so I could enjoy the faster online experience now.One week ago,the line had been activated and yesterday the technician had capped the DSLAM port speed to 5Mbps to let me get the full speed that I subscribed.Here are the speed test results:

Overall,the results are quite satisfied.However,for me it’s not enough yet,especially the unlink is very slow that can’t fit the needs for P2P sharing or video conference.I think I will subscribe Unifi VIP20 once it’s available.I wish it could be here soon.

No reasonable prices for HSBB

I think TM will adjust the prices for Streamyx and set lower prices for HSBB-now named as UniFi.The fact is I was wrong.

According to the latest information getting from MalaysianWireless,UniFi has the packages of 5,10 and 20Mbps.They are expected to have similar download and upload speeds.The price charts for the packages are not yet disclosed,however,some source claimed that that could be RM149,RM199 and RM249 respectively.

I believe most of Malaysians will say that the prices are too high.I totally agree it.So now I just pray that the prices are for the tri-play packages,not for broadband only.We could get the exact information tomorrow as TM will officially inform the public about the charges for the services.

I hope that will not be another service which is going to kill my wallet.