The 2008 TIME 100

TIME pronounces “The 2008 TIME 100” which lists the world’s 100 most influential people.Actually before this,Newsweek had gave out its unique list called “The 50 most powerful people in the world 2008”.Compared with it,you may find some names are so familiar and some others are of byways.You should know that back of the final lists,certainly different recourses,systems and references are used so that gaining different conclusions.

TIME100 2008

A popular name may only mean that the person is a worldwide hotspot;in adverse,a cold name may only mean that the influential people is ignored by some kinds of reasons,not saying he/she is nobody in comparison with vibrant people.In fact,I don’t think rankings here and there are so important.Treating them as simple,casual and fashionable reports,perhaps,are good enough.

The nice thing for this list is that people are classified by 5 groups-Revolutionaries,Heroes & Pioneers,Scientists & Thinkers,Artists & Entertainers and Builders & Titans.Thus,this detailed classification could let you know the trend of the world roughly by knowing about these people only.

Interested?Look further then. 🙂

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Who would be in your list of the powerful people in the world?

I posted the 50 most powerful people in the world several days ago and many visitors had read it and some of them had left their comments and additional remarks.However,the list will never be the best because we always have our own lists in our heart.For me,I want to light one person up-Wen Jiabao(Premier,China).

Wen Jiabao

We know China has been going on the year with disasters,crisis and challenges-snowstorm at the beginning of the year,Sichuan earthquake in the middle of the year,Beijing Olympics and now the financial bailouts.Wen,leading the country’s cabinet,is doing his best effort to deal with all those matters.

Frankly speaking,from my observation,the economy in China suffers deeply because this financial turmoil and this situation is much worse than people’s estimations.Wen has to take the responsibility to stabilize the country’s economy first in order to help people go over the hard time,besides,he,as a Premier of a conscientious country,must correspond and communicate with other leaders to work out effective solutions and at the same time achieving a political balance in his sagacity.

That’s the reason why he is entitled in my ‘powerful people’ list.So who would be the one you think supposes to be in the global elite?Welcome to state your reasons in the comments. 🙂

The 50 most powerful people in the world 2008

Newsweek just told us who are in the global elite team.Totally 50 people are in the list and I can say that this team’s decisions related to everyone in the world,whatever they are old or young,rich or poor.


I may rant out that they moved the earth’s rotation in their own way.All right,I think my visitors surely are interested to know who are these giants.So keep your eyes on the following contents:

1: Barack Obama(President-Elect,US)
2: Hu Jintao(China,President)
3: Nicolas Sarkozy(President,France)
4-5-6: Economic Triumvirate (central banker of US Federal Reserve,Ben Bernanke;CB of European Central Bank,Jean-Claude Trichet;CB of the bank of Japan,Masaaki Shirakawa)
7: Gordon Brown(Prime Minister,United Kingdom)
8: Angela Merkel(Chancellor,Germany)
9: Vladimir Putin(Prime Minister and former President,Russia)
10: Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud(King,Saudi Arabia)

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