TIME launched the fastest Home Fibre Plan in Malaysia

TIME quietly refreshed their home fibre internet plans recently.No more slow broadband from TIME- from 100Mbps up to 500Mbps is available within TIME Fibre network coverage map,pricing from RM 149 monthly.


No doubt that it’s the best plan in Malaysia up to date. Compared to TM Unifi,you have to pay RM229 for 50Mbps download speed(20Mbps upload) and this is the fastest plan from TM now. For Maxis 100Mbps plan,you have to pay RM 398 monthly which is 2.6 times more expensive than TIME.

However,TIME still only covers limited area and most of them are high rise buildings/high density area.If you are so lucky to stay within the coverage, I think TIME is the best option for the blazing fast internet experience.You can check the coverage over here.

I just hope TIME can cover my apartment,the sooner the better.

Astro B.yond IPTV

Now more gamers join into the battle of broadband in Malaysia.This time,TIME,the fibre optics Internet service provider,cooperates with Astro,the satellite-based broadcasting service provider to launch Astro B.yond IPTV in some selected area.This is the service bundled with Astro+HD+PVR+VOD+Broadband.

They have several packages to choose:

I think it’s really attractive as Astro has rich contents of TV programmes and the price is actually almost the same with TM HSBB.However,the availability of this service is still very limited.

You can also check the availability in this page.

Not like TM or Maxis that bring all information out loudly,Astro is doing it quite secretly now.Maybe they are not well prepared?Or they are still doing it like trial?Who knows! 🙂

Who Are the World’s Most Influential People in 2009?

Once again,TIME is going to rank for the world’s most influential people in 2009 in partnership with CNN.However,this time every one in the world could take part in it in order to vote for finalists which ought to be much fairer than before because the result shows a kind of public opinion.

Cast your votes

It’s very simple to do it.Just enter into each page of candidates and use the sliders to rank influence.

rankit(1) Totally there are 207 candidates in 2009.I don’t think every body knows who they are,nevertheless TIME introduces them well and simply speaks out with pros and cons to make a reference.

Therefore,take some time to rate them.After that,you are totally influencing the world too. 🙂

The 2008 TIME 100

TIME pronounces “The 2008 TIME 100” which lists the world’s 100 most influential people.Actually before this,Newsweek had gave out its unique list called “The 50 most powerful people in the world 2008”.Compared with it,you may find some names are so familiar and some others are of byways.You should know that back of the final lists,certainly different recourses,systems and references are used so that gaining different conclusions.

TIME100 2008

A popular name may only mean that the person is a worldwide hotspot;in adverse,a cold name may only mean that the influential people is ignored by some kinds of reasons,not saying he/she is nobody in comparison with vibrant people.In fact,I don’t think rankings here and there are so important.Treating them as simple,casual and fashionable reports,perhaps,are good enough.

The nice thing for this list is that people are classified by 5 groups-Revolutionaries,Heroes & Pioneers,Scientists & Thinkers,Artists & Entertainers and Builders & Titans.Thus,this detailed classification could let you know the trend of the world roughly by knowing about these people only.

Interested?Look further then. 🙂

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