My broadband service issue resolved

I made a report to TM Net and MCMC regarding to slow connection issue in May 18,2009.After several days,I received the reply from MCMC.

Complaint Num : 03XX/XX/XX

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for writing to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM). Your complaint has reached Consumer Complaints Bureau of the SKMM.

Please be informed that we are looking into this matter.

Should you have any other enquiry, please do not hesitate to email to us or contact our complaint hotline number at 1800 888 030 (Mon-Fri 8.30am To 5.30pm).

It seems like a common generated email,right?As I had done what I could do,I have to wait them for further investigation.

Three days later,I received the call from TM Net customer service rapid response team to comfort me and told me that they would do the work for me immediately and then called me again on the next day.I was so sad that I never got any call on that day from TM Net.

Well,keeping on waiting is the only option.Until May 26,2009,I felt that I can’t wait anymore.Thus,I wrote another email to MCMC and got the reply as follows:

Complaint Num. : 03XX/XX/XX

Dear Sir/Madam,

We take note on your feedback and will make a follow up with TM on your Streamyx connection problem.

Should you have any other enquiry, please do not hesitate to email to us or contact our complaint hotline number at 1800 888 030 (Mon-Fri 8.30am To 5.30pm).

Just hours later,a technician from TM Net called me that he would come to my house to check the connection.Although I’m not a IT person,I have enough knowledge on this kind of issues.I directly told the technician that it was some fault on TM server(port) there,but the technician insisted on having a site check first.

He did what I had done such as ping time,tracert,speed test etc.After all,he told me that he thought the issue came from there server and he would go there to reset a port to me.

Within one hour of changing to a new port,my issue was resolved and I could get the speed what I suppose to get-2Mbps.

That means if TM,at first,investigated its server there,it wasn’t necessary for me to wait for weeks.

Yesterday I received a call from TM Net customer server rapid response team again.The girl confirmed whether the issue had been resolved and informed me that she would arrange a rebate for me.

Today I just received a confirmation of rebate telling that I could get an amount of RM128 as a rebate for unexpected level of efficiency and it will be automatically reflected in my following TM bill.

The thing is ended here.However,I still wonder when TM Net will provide a more efficient service and a better helpdesk.

First Company Customer of HSBB

In Malaysia,we are talking about HSBB(High Speed BroadBand) in years and it hit the top in the previous months because the official launch was said to be very close.

In last April,HSBB announced that the service would firstly open to the wholesale market and after that,before the end of this year,having their consumer products out.

Things are going to be clearer that yesterday a company called Wi-Net signed an agreement to use HSBB infrastructure to expand their wireless services.This is the very first wholesale customer of HSBB and we can foresee that more and more companies,especially those Internet Service Providers(ISPs),will go negotiations with HSBB to improve their backhauls and bandwidth.

Wi-Net spends RM250 million on the deal,it’s really a large amount.According to Wi-Net’s official website,it’s a wireless broadband service provider which only has coverage on limited areas such as Sungai Buloh,Butterworth and Langkawi etc.I guess after having HSBB service,Wi-Net plans to expand the wireless service rapidly to gain a bigger market share.I hope it will be a successful competitor. 🙂

Well,when will we get HSBB?Still unknown.

(By the way,TM Net still can’t fix my line.It has been 1 week.)

New stuff to try

As you know that local ISP TM Net has some circuit issues on APCN2 and SMW3 and that has been remained for more than 2 weeks.The weird thing is even now they had announced that around of 97% bandwidth being recovered,I still feel the speed is very slow when I surf some foreign websites.

At this time,proxy servers and VPNs came to my mind.


  • A proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application program) that acts as a go-between for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

What is a VPN(Virtual Private Server?

Because I think the reason of the slow outbound connection is caused by the faults on routing settings of TM servers there,so setting my connection linked on a proxy server/VPN which is located in the country where we could get a good connectivity is helpful then.

I chose to try VPN since upon my knowledge,VPN ought to be much safer than a proxy service in a normal condition.I researched a lot of VPN providers and tested a lot too,however,I can’t get a perfect selection.

bolehVPNlogo(1) I tried bolehVPN that is quite popular in Malaysia.Many Malaysians apply this service to bypass the internet throttle by local ISPs in order to use P2P.From my experience,it really works to improve the connection to US,Europe and China as well.However,I can’t get a smooth streaming when I visit and YouTube.I think bolehVPN needs to provide more bandwidth and set some VPN servers in Asia and that should eliminate my pointed issues.(Reuben,the founder of BolehVPN,has replied and explained the points-see the details in the replies of this post.He told me that hiring a dedicated line in TM is too expensive and so may not be enough economical to use compared to set a line in US or EU.)

After this,I tried S5Proxy.It provides both proxies and VPNs.I chose a Singaporean VPN and the result was very good-low ping and high bandwidth.However,it doesn’t allow users to do P2P and streaming on their monthly flat rate package.Another package is charged on bandwidth(1GB=RMB20).For me,it is too expensive and I have to give it up.

Other VPN service providers I tried were all good at surfing Internet only,but not good at streaming.

Any people has better recommendations?Or I just wait my connection to be better in some day…a faraway day…


Hypp.TV is a local IPTV service which is led by TM Net,the largest Internet service provider(ISP) in Malaysia.I registered it to have a try several days ago as I thought with years’ research and development,IPTV should be mature and stable.However,the fact is not so encouraging.


HyppTV screenshotYou could see that the whole screen was displaying hazily.I’m using Streamyx 2M service and there’s no intermittent of buffering during watching,but blur all the time.It’s low quality(definition) contents.


HyppTV package(1)

Total 29 channels are provided in Hypp.TV and it will cost only RM9.90 monthly.Well,that seems not like a huge expense.However,at least for me,I don’t think it’s worth to pay.

Basically,I can’t get any local channels in Hypp.TV.Regarding to this instant,it’s even worse than traditional TV(it’s free!).

Secondly,most channels there are boring.For my need,I want to get CNN to know the world,TVB to enjoy Hong Kong Drama etc.Unfortunately,it’s still an extravagant hopes till now.

Thus,if Hypp.TV continues this kind of lousy services,I will have no doubt to terminate it.I don’t want to waste my money on a no-value stuff.

TM,you should grow faster and be smarter.