Hotlink social edition

Hotlink today released a new starter pack and hot ticket – social edition ,for people who like to enjoy the social life.

Hotlink social edtion starter pack

For new users,the starter pack will cost you RM 10 and give you some freebies such as 50MB data,RM5 for talk & text and unlimited access to Facebook,Twitter & Whatsapp .The freebies would be valid for 5 days once after you dial 122 to make the first call.After 5 days and if you still wanna get those freebies,you could top up social edition hot ticket.Of course,if you’re an existing hotlink,you could get the same freebies when topping up this new hot ticket.

Hotlink social edtion hot ticket

The RM 10 hot ticket will get you 100MB for all day and 1GB during 2am-7am(it’s useful if you’re an owl),RM 7 for local talk & text and unlimited access to Facebook,Twitter and Whatsapp for 5 days.

Call and text charges are as following:

Call and Text charge Continue reading Hotlink social edition

Google Maps Turns on Traffic and Transit for Malaysia

At the moment,I only see that ‘traffic’ layer is available now in Google Maps Malaysia,but the feature of ‘transit’ layer is still in grey.

It is weird because the official Google Malaysia twitter account announced the good news that both have been available in Malaysia,but it turns out another result.

Maybe there’s some small technical glitch.Well,wait to see whether the features will go online later.

The traffic layer is showing the live information and transit layer will show all public transport options,all could help us plan our daily routes.It’s just great!

Cheers! 🙂

Happy birthday,Twitter!

Twitter is an amazing communication platform in the world.It’s perhaps not a cutting-edge technology,but it’s really leading a way of communication.

Not like blogging that people need to take some time to write their stuff with long sentences,Twitter brings us a place to leave our little words.Sometimes when you wanna share some interesting things you just find,you could share it on Twitter instantly;When you feel boring or stress,you may choose to twit your voices out to get some understandings and care instantly too.Of course,you could do more things on Twitter and it’s keeping growing and being better than ever.

Twitting things out has been a part of my life now and I believe many young generations feel that way too.Happy birthday,Twitter!You’re are so valuable. 🙂

A secured way to visit Twitter

Twitter just followed the step of Gmail to set the option to let the users visit it by https connection.

If you always visit Twitter under a open and shared network such as unsecured WiFi connections,you’d better to opt it to ensure that your information will not be hijacked easily.

Some Twitter clients have been providing the service via https,however that’s not all.I hope they could improve it as faster as they can because quite a number of people login into Twitter though the clients in public area by WiFi.If you always login to Twitter by mobile browsers,make sure you key in https instead of http.

Have a secured surfing! 🙂