TM Streamyx offers 8Mbps BB Deal

TM Streamyx recently adds a new 8Mbps plan for RM160 monthly into the existing product lines to give some choices to the users who want to get the faster speed,but haven’t covered by Unifi service.

Streamyx plans

The 8 Mbps BB Deal could be applied by new and existing users.However,due to the technical limitation,some applicants may not able to get that plan as the speed is hard to be reachable.You could check the availability of coverage here.

You could subscribe/upgrade the service online or pay a visit to the nearest TM Point.

The Premium Suite Upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S III

As one of the most popular mobile phones in the world,Samsung Galaxy S III gets more attentions on the potential upgrade.Well,this time Samsung does not make the users upset.In the official blog of Samsung,two related posts are written to introduce the upcoming upgrade for Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Contextual Awareness

(1) Page Buddy: Your phone will smartly predict what you intend to do according to your actions. For example, when you plug in your earphones, the device automatically opens up a page with the music player.

(2) Contextual Menu:  When you list up apps, you can now choose to see the most frequently used ones first. Especially convenient when you’re looking through apps  to find files to attach.

(3) Contextual Tag:  When you take a picture on the phone, you can tag the weather, date, and place immediately.

Enhanced Features

(1) Multi Window: You can open two different apps at the same time into two different windows on the mobile screen.

(2) Auto Share Shot Pairing using NFC: By setting the camera to ‘Auto Share Shot’ mode, you can quickly share your photos and videos by simply tapping their GALAXY S III with other NFC and S-Beam enabled devices

(3) Reader Mode: You can easily control the size of the text on your browser! Also, you can just click the webpage to share it!

(4) Facebook Lock Ticker: The easiest way to see your Facebook News Feeds – set your phone to show it on your lock screen.


Powerful Multimedia

(1) Paper Artist: You can make a picture like a pop artist! Change the moods of your pictures whenever you want!

(2) Camera, Low Light Shot: It’s always tough to take pictures in dark places. So the GALAXY S III with Premium Suite has a Low-Light-Shot  function. Get your hands on one and check out the difference!

(3) Camera, Best Face: The problem with group pictures? Somebody always, ALWAYS blinks. Well, Best Face is your solution to that.  Best Face takes 5 consecutive pictures and lets you choose the best face for each person among those shots.

New Features & Better Accessibility

(1) Easy Mode: For first-time smartphone users and/or those who are really really, well, lazy. This function helps you set up the most five frequently used widgets on the home screen, so you don’t have to be tired of looking everywhere to find those apps.

(2) Sound Balance: You can adjust the balance of volume one each side of earphones.

(3) Setup Wizard: After turning on your cell phone, you can see the accessibility menu right away on the screen.

(4) Camera Easy Snap: With ‘talk back’ and ‘face detection’ on your settings menu, the GALAXY S III tells you how many faces it can detect on the camera preview.

They also shot 2 short films to let people see how the new functions work.

According to the past experience,the upgrade will start from country by country and it may take months when it reaches your phone.So if you don’t want to wait,you definitely could flash the firmware by yourself.However,it will break your warranty and may cause some irreversible damage to the phone.So,the safest way is ‘wait’.

Windows 8 is getting closer

Windows 8 will be released to the public by 26 October 2012.As a touch-friendly system,it will be broadly used in tablets and touchscreen devices.

In order to highlight the advantages of the latest Windows,Microsoft just did a commercial video for it.

Now you could start to pre-order Windows 8 Pro on Microsoft Store at US$ 69.99,from 26 October 2012,you could also get your downloadable version at US$ 39.99.

I hope it could minimize the compatibility issues and get a smooth upgrade from current Windows 7.

Closer look at Apple WWDC

It happened last night.I’m sure that many Apple fans and tech gurus were watching the live updates from some famous IT websites.In case that you haven’t known what they disclosed in this event,just share with you guys the latest updates.

Hardware upgrades are the main part of this Apple event,another two are OSX and iOS.


Apple released an upgraded line of MacBook products.Both MacBook and MacBook Air are upgraded to the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processor,capable to USB 3.0,up to 512GB SSD. Besides this,Apple also released a new generation of MacBook Air which fits the most of rumors-15.4 inch display with 2880*1800(retina display),Kepler GT650M video card,up to 768GB SSD,2 USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt ports,7-hour battery time with lighter weight and slimmer body.

Apple has started to delivered the new products from today.

2.OSX Mountain Lion

  • Reminders and Messages will be integrated with iCloud
  • Alerts service
  • Dictation-a kind of voice input and control function,but not the same as Siri
  • New Safari-combined URL and search bar;sync history and bookmarks between devices
  • Auto update and Sync in Saving mode;Auto backup when charging
  • Game Center
  • Dedicated to China market:New language inputs,new dictionary,8 new fonts,support Baidu,Tudou,Youku and popular SNS websites
  • This new version of OSX-Mountain Lion will be released in next month at US$19.99,the existing users of Snow Leopard and other latter versions could upgrade to the latest one.

3.iOS 6

It’s said to have more than 200 new features in iOS 6.The key points for me are:

  • New Apple Maps with details of traffic,accident etc;3D map and show the estimated arrival time depending on the real traffic info;Siri functional
  • Siri will have more enhanced search ability;supports more languages including Mandarin and Cantonese;It will work on new iPad
  • Facebook integration
  • Facetime by cellular network
  • Safari will support offline reading;add full screen option when portrait handling
  • New app:Passbook-integrates all digital IDs together
  • Customized to China market :Tudou,Youku,Sina Weibo etc
  • Do-Not-Disturb setting
  • The new iOS will be available in the coming fall.

If you want to see the full explanation,you could visit Apple Events to watch the video record.Have a nice day!



TM Promotions

TM recently announced several promotions for the coming months.

Super Speed Me

Offering to upgrade to a higher speed plan and in the free 3 months after upgrading,just paying the currently monthly charge and the new one will only be charged from the 4th month.

If you already are a TM reward member,you also could get 1,000 TM reward points upon upgrading;if you are not yet,you also could register yourself for membership within the promotion period and get 1,000 TM reward points too.

Offer valid until 30th June 2012 while Terms & Conditions apply.

HyppTV Platinum Pack 

Yes,it’s not wrong.Only RM30 for 30 premium channels.You could subscribe the pack through myUniFi Portal,HyppTV IPTV remote control,call TM Unifi Center 1800821222,visit the nearest selected TM point or TM authorized resellers.

Terms and conditions apply.