Streamyx introduces new BlockBuster deals

I’m waiting for the news about High Speed BroadBand(HSBB),but till now I can’t see any movements in my living area.Well,Streamyx,the ADSL service provided by TM,seems to be quite active recently.4 months ago,it just brought super upgrade deals and now it introduces BlockBuster deals which are not only for broadband services,but also for voice services.TM blockbuster deal

I think TM had met some difficulties in past several years with the competitions from those mobile service providers in voice service sector.In fact,I haven’t made fixed calls for years because the calling rate from a landline to a mobile phone is too expensive,even higher than the rate calling from a mobile phone.

Finally TM realized it and resolved it.At least the new rate,10sen/min from fixed to mobile(in BB Deal 1/2MBPS and Voice Deal 68),is reasonable as it’s almost at the same level compared to the mobile charges.Also the new deal provides a free DECT phone that makes us more convenient to call someone at home through home line.By the way,I think the free calls to local and nationwide are the big points too.I believe that can reduce the communication costs for the consumers,less charges on the mobile bills.That’s great!

A free WIFI modem will be given by subscribing the plan.However,I don’t think that will be the nice one.Maybe I will just put it at the corner of the house and only temporarily use it when my current modem is dead.

The details are as follow:

Details of TM blockbuster deal The deals are available to all new and existing customers who are not binding with any contract.You could get more information here or visit your nearest TMpoint.Anyway,I’m still looking forward to HSBB.

DiGi 3G voice and data service

Please be noted that I’m not talking about broadband service.It’s the services used on phones.

As what I know,the 3G voice calls are only available among DiGi users only and the coverage is still restricted in Klang Valley,Penang and Kota Kinabalu.You can check the details of the coverage here.On the other hand,DiGi has two choices of plans:Internet Unlimited Max 5(1-day plan) and Internet Unlimited 58(monthly plan).DiGi is very nice to prepare all the comparison charts to you.I bet you could choose the right one.

Internet Unlimited Max 5

The daily usage limit is 100MB for Internet Unlimited Max 5.Over the limit,you still can get the connection with no extra charges,but slower speed.Internet Unlimited 58The monthly usage limit is 3GB for Internet Unlimited 58.You also will meet the slower speed if you’ve been over the limit.By the way,RM10 monthly rebate is currently given to all existing DiGi postpaid users who sign up this plan.The rebate will last for one year,making RM120 savings for you.

Don’t forget to visit the official website to read these annoying Terms and Conditions before you subscribe it.

DiGi Turbo 3G

Mobile World Magazine firstly reported this news.I think most DiGi users will be happy to hear this.However,some people will be upset when they get the full story because the information up to date only says DiGi Turbo 3G will land in Penang and Kota Kinabalu on October 22nd,2009.No other places are listed in the picture.

DiGiFrankly speaking,I like this name ‘turbo’.From my understanding,turbo means boosting on speed.Thus,DiGi Turbo 3G should be a kind of higher speed broadband plan,perhaps packing with 3G voice service too.I guess the reason DiGi doesn’t want to introduce this new service in Klang Valley is either some delays on upgrading of hardware/software there or some physical testing/enhancements going to be done in Penang and Kota Kinabalu initially so that the most popular area-Klang Valley will get the best performance later when DiGi Turbo 3G being introduced one day.

Anyway,I’m still waiting to hear the official announcement to clear my mind now. 🙂

DiGi 3G goes to voice service?

Yesterday I got a piece of surprising news from that some DiGi users had successfully made a 3G video call to other network users.

As we all know that DiGi is the only mobile service provider in Malaysia which only applies 3G technology on data service,a.k.a DiGi Broadband.I also heard that DiGi will open the 3G infrastructure to voice service in weeks.So perhaps in some areas or for some existing users,DiGi is doing some secret testing there recently.However,there’s no official news to express on this stuff yet.

Besides,some DiGi users did some bandwidth tests on their iPhone and found an amazing result-1.72Mbps for downstream.

DiGi 3G

The result is definitely impressive.But if DiGi could do some more enhancements to reduce the crazy latency and increase the upload speed(>512Kbps),it could surely attract more and more people for its broadband service.Let’s pray for it!