My feeling now

I will be in Shanghai 48 hours later.The feeling is quite complicated now actually because my dear grandpa just past away several days ago and I even couldn’t see his last face or accompanying with my family to go through that sad period.In the other hand,I will have to start to plan for the wedding soon which should be full of happiness.

To my grandma,I know that huge change was a disaster,but I couldn’t do much to help her.Thus,I do hope my wedding can let her feel better and be faster to walk out from that lost.Well,I understand it will never be easy.However,I will try my best to let her know that I will always care about her wherever I am and she will not be lonely at any second with our love.

Also I will always remember the time with my grandpa.His contribution will stick in my memory forever and affects my whole life.Thanks!

No matter they are alive or dead,I am deeply convinced that my grandparent are the treasure of my life.

My Pre-wedding Album(2)

I had seen all the albums just now,but not yet bring all back because there are some printing and touch-up mistakes need to be corrected.Well,my fiancée and I are satisfied with the outcomes.At least,all have reached our expectation.I just share with you the photos in the large album which we like the most.

Is that nice? 😀

My Pre-wedding Album(1)

It’s finally coming to home.Initially after we took the photos,we were informed to get the designed albums on 1st of January,2010.However,because some human error,we were told days ago that we may have delay to pick them up.

Well,today I get the short message from Love Vision wedding studio that all my stuff have completed and we could reach it at any time.We are going to visit there in the afternoon.Just stay tuned,guys!I’m quite confident on the final products.We’ll see. 🙂

Wedding gown

My fiancée and I went to Popular Bookstore in Ikano on the last Sunday.I walked there enjoying reading moments whereas she were searching for a nice-designed wedding gown from the related books and magazine.Finally she decided this one as her wedding gown.

13122009049Undoubtedly it’s really a beautiful gown.I can’t imagine how beautiful it will be when it fits on my fiancée. 😀

I feel excited all the time although I’m being quite busy and stress on planning and preparations these days.However,the coming responsibility also gives me more values of my life.Hooray!I’m turning into a new era where there are full of happiness. 🙂

My wedding time’s scheduled

After the discussion with my parents and future parents-in-law,my fiancée and I chose February 18th,the fifth day after Chinese New Year,holding our wedding event in Shanghai,China.We need to book the air tickets as soon as possible because that is a hot period for travelling.The fares have been increased compared to the normal days.

By AirAsia(KL to Hangzhou):

AirAsia faresAll fares listed are recorded on November 3rd,2009 and subject to change from time to time,exclusive with luggage charges and meals on board.

*The date that my fiancée and I flying to Hangzhou

#The date that most friends of my fiancée flying to Hangzhou

@The date that some friends and relatives of my fiancée flying to Hangzhou

*#@The date that we all come back to KL

By Malaysia Airline(KL to Shanghai):

If you could afford a higher price in order to get some convenience and perhaps better services,Malaysia Airline will be the nice choice.The return ticket is pricing RM1700-RM1800 inclusive with all charges recorded on November 3rd,2009.

Guys,please inform me your schedule of your flights before November 15th,2009 so that I could have enough time to let travel agent give some offer to me.Thanks.

Though there are still 107 days to go,I think I’d better to make all things on the track first because I don’t want to regret anybody in the wedding event.

Wish all the best!