Get WIFI when you fly with AirAsia

Yes, This on-board WiFi service is very first to Malaysia and it’s officially introduced by AirAsia today.

The inflight WiFi service is called as “roKKi chats” which enables guests to use selected IM apps while flying,currently the apps are restricted to WhatsApp, Wechat and Line. However, more apps will be supported in the future.

As what I know,the WiFi system is developed by roKKi & Tunebox based on SwiftBroadband(broadband service provided by inmarsat).Up to date,only 4 plans have equipped the WiFi system and expand to another 15 planes by year end. AirAsia intends to provide the WiFi service to all 80 of its Malaysian aircrafts by second quarter of next year and by the end of next year,all 160 aircrafts could get WiFi onboard.

You’ll be informed by flight attendants when you are on a roKKi-support flight. To get to use the service is quite simple: Continue reading Get WIFI when you fly with AirAsia

TOSHIBA FlashAir SDHC 16GB (Class 10)

Nowadays most new digital cameras provide WiFi connectivity as that is a simple way to share your photos/videos instantly with your other devices. Toshiba finds out a solution for those old cameras without WiFi, introducing FlashAir SDHC memory card with wireless data transfer function.


It just looks like the same as the normal SD cards.According to some reviews, it could replace most SD cards flawlessly. As a Class 10 card,it could write in data up to 10MB/s.

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iPad Air & iPad mini with Retina Display released

One month after iPhone 5S, Apple released iPad Air and new iPad mini with Retina Display to replace the 4th Gen iPad and former iPad mini.

iPad Air

iPad Air

iPad Air is just 7.5mm thin(28% thinner than the old one) and weigh at only 1 pound(20% lighter than the old one),however, the CPU and graphic performance comes to be 2 times more powerful than the old one and still maintaining up to 10 hours battery (thanks to the A7 chip).

iPad Air has 2 antennas so that it could provide more stable and much faster wifi connections.It also supports more LTE bands for wifi+cellular models.

iPad Air also has new smart cover to match the style.

iPad Air smart cover

iPad mini with Retina Display

Many people hope to get an iPad mini with Retina Display and now here it is.

iPad mini with Retina Display

The new iPad mini has also worked with A7 chip.Thus, it has 4X CPU performance,8X graphics performance compared to the 1st Gen iPad mini and gets 10 hours battery life.Same as iPad Air,it has 2 antennas to get better wifi connections and samrt cover and case to keep your device protected in style.

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[UPDATE]Maxis WiFi

TM runs Streamyx Zone WiFi service for years and now Maxis joins to provide WiFi service in public area too.Of course,it’s payable.

If you go to a place showing this logo,that means Maxis WiFi is available in that area.Well,I don’t think you could see this logo frequently as the service area is quite limited currently,most of them are shopping centers and commercial buildings.Sunway Pyramid,KLCC,Imbi Plaza,Menara Maxis,IOI Mall,Phileo Damansara,Jaya One are in the list.You could check more details here.

The service is only available for currently Maxis users(both prepaid and postpaid) and have several packages to choose.

I checked everywhere but found that Maxis didn’t disclose how fast the WiFi connection could be.Well,I think we have to wait somebody to test it later. 🙂

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A secured way to visit Twitter

Twitter just followed the step of Gmail to set the option to let the users visit it by https connection.

If you always visit Twitter under a open and shared network such as unsecured WiFi connections,you’d better to opt it to ensure that your information will not be hijacked easily.

Some Twitter clients have been providing the service via https,however that’s not all.I hope they could improve it as faster as they can because quite a number of people login into Twitter though the clients in public area by WiFi.If you always login to Twitter by mobile browsers,make sure you key in https instead of http.

Have a secured surfing! 🙂