IE 10 coming to Windows 7

IE 10 was originally designed to run in Windows 8 and now it has been tested and could be stable to run in Windows 7.

IE logo

IE 10 is claimed to be at least 20% faster than IE 9.It could also support 60% more web standards than IE 9(CSS 3 transformation,animations,gradients etc).It enhances the security features such as Do Not Track enabled by default.Of course,the test result will be better than IE 9.

Microsoft will put into auto updates in the coming weeks.That means if you’re running genuine Windows 7 and enabling Windows Update,you will get it soon to replace IE 9,getting better web surfing experience(if you’re still IE fans).

If you don’t want to wait,you could download from and install it by your own.It could be fairly simple.

Windows 8 is getting closer

Windows 8 will be released to the public by 26 October 2012.As a touch-friendly system,it will be broadly used in tablets and touchscreen devices.

In order to highlight the advantages of the latest Windows,Microsoft just did a commercial video for it.

Now you could start to pre-order Windows 8 Pro on Microsoft Store at US$ 69.99,from 26 October 2012,you could also get your downloadable version at US$ 39.99.

I hope it could minimize the compatibility issues and get a smooth upgrade from current Windows 7.

I bought Windows 7 Home Premium

I went to Lowyat Plaza buying a piece of Windows 7 Home Premium(32bit+64bit DVD) at RM469 yesterday.As I’m going to buy a new computer in the near month,so I need to have one more copy of Windows to install on that PC.

Windows 7 Home Premium

RM469 is still a promotional price and the official retail price is RM525.I installed this brand new operating system into my 4-year-old Lenovo laptop.It took approximately 30 minutes from reassigning the hard disk to completing the installation.Window 7 can recognize most drivers for the hardware,so it saved quite a lot of time on this part.

The only issue I met is for the audio driver.The Windows driver can make it work and so I spent several hours to look for a latest driver which is compatible to Windows 7.However,I was not so lucky.After all,I decided to use Vista driver and manually installed it and it worked half of the function-I could get sounds from speakers,but my internal microphone didn’t work.

Anyway,Windows 7 is really faster a lot than Windows Vista and better on arranging the resources too.Now I’m going to solve the microphone problem.I wish I could work it out.Or anyone wanna help me? 🙂

Windows 7 finally comes

Officially Windows 7 released on October 23rd worldwide.However,I couldn’t find the track of Windows 7 on that day.Well,finally I get the news saying Windows 7 was in town on November 2nd,7-day late to land in Malaysia.

The prices for Windows 7 in Malaysia are labeled at US dollar and so we have to exchange them into Ringgit Malaysia by the given exchange rate US$1 = RM3.75.

Windows 7

Version Estimated retail price
Home Premium US$140|RM525
Professional US$228|RM855
Ultimate US$241|RM903

*Note:The above prices are for full pack(retail version).

I know Windows 7 is of good performance and better security,but it’s still quite expensive.I’m now waiting for PC fair where may provide some promotions. 🙂

Apple is laughing at Microsoft

Actually Apple always does it,especially in the advertisements.They have enough creativities to cut Microsoft into single pieces.It’s Apple’s style,killing people by words.The latest advertisement from Apple is going to kill Microsoft’s popular baby-Windows 7.

It counts all past broken promises from Microsoft and implies that Windows 7 will continue having those messy.I don’t know whether it is the truth because I haven’t used it.If you’re having Windows 7 now,what is your real experience?I don’t want to hear that it’s exactly the same as the ad expresses.