First Company Customer of HSBB

In Malaysia,we are talking about HSBB(High Speed BroadBand) in years and it hit the top in the previous months because the official launch was said to be very close.

In last April,HSBB announced that the service would firstly open to the wholesale market and after that,before the end of this year,having their consumer products out.

Things are going to be clearer that yesterday a company called Wi-Net signed an agreement to use HSBB infrastructure to expand their wireless services.This is the very first wholesale customer of HSBB and we can foresee that more and more companies,especially those Internet Service Providers(ISPs),will go negotiations with HSBB to improve their backhauls and bandwidth.

Wi-Net spends RM250 million on the deal,it’s really a large amount.According to Wi-Net’s official website,it’s a wireless broadband service provider which only has coverage on limited areas such as Sungai Buloh,Butterworth and Langkawi etc.I guess after having HSBB service,Wi-Net plans to expand the wireless service rapidly to gain a bigger market share.I hope it will be a successful competitor. 🙂

Well,when will we get HSBB?Still unknown.

(By the way,TM Net still can’t fix my line.It has been 1 week.)