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WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1

WordPress Release Candidate 1 was released on 1st of Dec and now my blog had clothed it.It was announced that 280 commits have been polished and a new admin UI introduced.However,the bug I met is still undone.

I think the final version of 2.7 will come within 1 week.I hope at that time more issues can be solved so that I could run it much comfortable.If your guys want to try it in advance,you can download it here and install to your server.All are minutes’ work.

Have a good day!

Upgrade to WordPress 2.7 beta3

I have heard thousands of times about WordPress 2.7 since it was claimed to have many improvements in every corner.Now it has gone to the third beta and RC1 will be introduced in perhaps next week.Thus,I just upgraded to this version first because the main bugs had been inspected by those senior testers and fixed by the development team.

At my first glance after installation,a highly integrated dashboard displayed.

Dashboard It makes things to be easier as you can do most of those in a very short distance.And if you remember,when converted from 2.5.* to 2.6.*,a new function created which allows automatic upgrades of existing plug-ins after several clicks.Now it’s further more.The latest WordPress allows us upgrading the whole platform in that simple way.

I’m not the professional fellow and I only used it for minutes.So I can get a very skin-deep thing only.I think you’d better to try it by yourself to know better.

WordPress 2.7 beta3

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I think I have figured out the problem

As you may mention,my website always displays ‘service unavailable’ with no predictions.Indubitably it is caused by high CPU and memory utilization on my shared hosting server that I had talked for many times.

That messed me up because I tried thousands ways to optimize my blog in order to prevent the issue occurring,but failed all the time.Recently I visited a lot of support forums which are concerning on WordPress Platform and I found that there are a number of people who meet the same problem with me.They all pointed the problem into database.

So I checked it out by phpMyAdmin and saw the sizes of some data are unwonted and redundant,especially under wp_option which is 1.3MB.I deleted some unnecessary lines and cron to clean up the database and went back to Option-Permanent links to update it.Then I checked again under wp_option,there has been down into 200KB only.

I refresh my blog for many times and till now it works nicely.I hope when you meet ‘service unavailable’ issue here,leave your words to me so that I can keep monitoring and going to fix the issue as soon as possible.And if you have any idea to help me do better regarding to that matter,you’re most welcome!

May I be lucky forever! :D

WordPress 2.5.1

It’s the first release since WordPress 2.5 went to public.This bug-fixed release covers more than 70 bugs in 2.5 version,therefore the user of WordPress should be better to upgrade it into this latest version.

The key changes are:

  • Performance improvements for the Dashboard, Write Post, and Edit Comments pages.
  • Better performance for those who have many categories
  • Media Uploader fixes
  • An upgrade to TinyMCE 3.0.7
  • Widget Administration fixes
  • Various usability improvements
  • Layout fixes for IE

There are thousands reasons to get upgraded,right? :D

Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

I did the upgrade yesterday.This upgrade is like a milestone of WordPress since it has a lot of improvements and add some new functions required by the user groups and also re-design the dashboard into a fresh view with great performances(Eg. faster loading).Matt had written a long article to describe all those features in official blog there.

Meanwhile it updated WordPress.org with a simple but cool look too.Let’s cheer. :D

the new design

WordPress 2.3.1

It’s a bug-fixed version for 2.3 releasedby yesterday and I downloaded just now.I’ll upgrade it after I publish this article.

As official details about this version,there are those improvements:

2.3.1 fixes over twenty bugs. Some of the notable fixes are:

Tagging support for Windows Live Writer
Fixes for a login bug that affected those with a Blog Address different than
their WordPress Address
Faster taxonomy database queries, especially tag intersection queries
Link importer fixes
Unfortunately, some security issues were found in 2.3. Janek Vind found an XSS problem that can be exploited if your php setup has register_globals enabled. For this reason, upgrading to 2.3.1 is advised.

So I’m going to do my workings and I think it will be finished within a short time. :)

WordPress For Dummies – Available Monday 10/29

Why do I make an annoucement here?Well,no other reason except I support it-the book and the author.

The series of Dummies are very popular because they have a very broad range on differents fields which are related with our daily life,work and entertainment as well.And WordPress is one of most popular blogging tools(platforms) and has more than 170,000 registered bloggers.As it is open source platform,so it allows any people to edit the codings in order to fit their needs.This pre-releasing Dummies intorduces all basic stuffs about blogging,further DIY on codings and teaching how to generate incomes from blogging too.

The author,Lisa Sabin-Wilson,who is my current theme’s author,has rich knowledge about all because she had joined in a lot of different blogging tools’ design work and meanwhile she designed many themes too,including the latest xMark v2.0 which I’m using.

WordPress For Dummies

Thus,if you wanna improve your skills or knowledge on WordPress,you’d better to put some small money so as to get a big ruturn.WordPress For Dummies will be available on next Monday(29 Oct.).You can buy it online at Amazon.com and Wiley.com(paperback/Ebook) at that time.I wish this information is good enough for you all.