YES is not so nice

YES had launched for 2 days,however,till now there are still quite a number of users complaining that they can login to the website.And the official website was down in the first 20 hours because of DDOS attack by the 3rd party.I think as a company which provides Internet service,it should have enough ability to deal with this kind of issues quickly.


Well,for me,I don’t even feel good on the price.After 4GB usage monthly,it will offer 30% rebate on the original price 3 cent/MB.If we use more than 7 GB monthly,it’s over RM140 already.With that price,we could enjoy Streamyx 4Mbps unlimited access.You may ask that YES claimed to have 3-5 times speed than current local 3G providers,so is that really faster?No,according to the testing report from some users,it’s around 3-5Mbps in most areas.

I don’t think YES is priced at a right position.I’m wondering that who want to get such a low cost-effective product.YES,you should know the market first and push the product out later.Otherwise,you will lost the business soon.


It’s not just about the word,it’s about the new service.YES is the brand of a new Wimax service in Malaysia provided by YTL,a well-known local company.

The service is said to be 3-5 times faster than all local 3G data services and it’s no commitment for any agreement-Pay as You use.Also,I heard that YES will not only for Wimax data service,it will add voice service,TV service and others soon.

Yesterday,someone leaked a picture for its price structure.Well,it seems not to be so attractive.


Today,the devices are introduced.Some are fitting for mobile use,some are fitting for home and office use.

After 24 hours,all will be disclosed in the launch event.I’m wondering what YES could make itself be more attractive.

Stay tuned!

PS:In Malaysia,all Wimax service providers call their services as 4G.However,according to the international standard,it can’t be.In fact,the standards of 4G are still editing. Smile